Thought for the Day – Triple Header Tuesday


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In the light of some of my recent posts and the increasing ire I have with those in government I have decided once again not to go with the softly uplifting Thought of the Day but more of a – we’ve got to stop letting them get away with choosing greed over long-term sustainable development. To stop them choosing finance over families and dollars over discrimination and disability. Β We are in danger of loosing much more than we think in my opinion and it worries me.




world is dangerous

Albert Einstein




As much as would dearly love to don the if I can’t change it I won’t talk about it attitude [as I am sure I would feel much less worried about the future if I went into denial mode] I can’t as I truly believe that, as my two little offerings state, to do so is to passively agree with what is happening.



In closing I would like to sum up with the words of Thomas Jefferson who understood that when injustice becomes law then resistance is duty. Β It is something those in power should think on.





22 thoughts on “Thought for the Day – Triple Header Tuesday

  1. Great photos and quotes, Jenni. Was wondering how things were going with your husband sharing your links with his co-workers as a gov’t employee?


    • So far nothing – which is all to the good, but I think it is more that he works in Qld Health rather than in the actual Department for health attached to the ministry.


    • Ahh well let me see where to start. Currently our government [federal and state] are trying to overturn world heritiage listed sites in Qld and Tasmania. In Qld they wish to dredge and dump 300million ton for the sea floor in part of the Great Barrier Reef in direct opposition to public opinion, current legislation, election promises and world heritage listing. In Tasmania they wish to re-introduce logging and fire bombing as a tool of logging to a couple of hundred hectares of World Heritage listed forestry. In NSW they wish to woodchip one of the last remaining major Eucylptus groves that provide food for our dwindling Koala population as well as give new mining liciences for Fracking to the SANTOS who has just recently managed to contaminate the water table at the Pilbra with lethal levels of uranium. That’s just the past two months and more recently the budget came down they proceeded to break every single election promise made in regards to health, education and old age pension. They have told us all to tighten our belts gut funding to research and the environment but spend over 4 billion dollars to buy 8 new sexy fighter jets from the US for our marine safety. These jets are predominately used by other countries to monitor and prevent sea born drug drops which is not something we have an issue with here in Australia (coastal deliveries I mean). Well if you give some of my posts a scan you’ll probably see what I’m ranting about.

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