Happy Earth Day from Down Under

happy earth day

Image courtesy of Viral Protest for the Great Barrier Reef.

This is what I want future generations to see, not in photographs or movies, not in books as part of history but as something we cherished and in turn taught them to cherish it also.

21 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day from Down Under

    • Thank you.

      I truly think we are reaching a point with the environment that can be looked at as an event horizon. In terms of air travel it is the point in the journey where there is no choice other than to continue as there is no longer enough fuel to return to where they started.

      I see it as it applies to the environment as the point we’ll reach where even if we do make radical changes it will be too late to stop the damage or redress the balance. At the moment I don’t think we are there yet but I do believe we are much closer than most would like to believe.

      If the governments and corporations around the globe don’t back away from their steadfast denial of what they know to be true re climate change things could get truly dangerous for humanity.


      • The Fukashima Nuclear disaster is out of the news headlines but I’m sure the number of people with cancer has risen but no one is saying it was caused by the reactor leakage..


      • We having some trouble with a toxic fire that was allowed to burn for 41 days and the terrible health effects now being suffered by those in the nearby community.

        If they admit fault, like what happened with the Fukashima disaster then they face financial claims and those companies put profits before people every time.


  1. Jenni Just watched a special on the Amazon…Your work and connection to mother earth helps to raise universal consciousness…I want you to know the generation of my children are doing so much more than we were given an opportunity to do..Large groups of people working for planet earth…I live in Maui and we even has issues over here…I will be encouraging and following you on your journey heart to heart Robyn


  2. Earth Day is the only “holiday” i can truly get behind, that I can really get excited about. it’s something that can be respected and celebrated all over the world, there’s nothing religious about it, nothing really political about it. It’s just a celebration of nature.


  3. Earth day should not be limited to one day. I too want the beauty of nature to be present for future generations. I wish many would stop thinking about money and focus on what they are truly doing. Our planet is being destroyed each day. This is just another blow, beautiful majestic whales washing ashore (their death attributed to a belly full of plastic). I am saddened by this all.


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