The Weekend Funny Just Got Weird

After being inspired and a little revolted by a rather funny post from OM at HarsH ReaLiTY I went and had a hunt in the archives of funny as I seemed to remember something that would fit the situation perfectly.  Hmm wonder if that says anything about me – Nah.  I’ve held back using this as men do tend to go deaf dumb and blind at the mere mention of the topic but well all I can say is –

He started it.

male tampons

21 thoughts on “The Weekend Funny Just Got Weird

      • In truth so do I at times, have spent the best part of today working on crashing the NT’s Attorney General’s FB page with a couple of groups and organising a few media ambushes until he signs the transfer papers for Roseanne Fulton. While worthwhile it is sometime hard to step back into LIFE not a project.


      • I am encouraged by your tenacity in this matter. Good luck and I look forward to future posts about it. And it’s true, we have to step back into life every so often to keep sane.



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