Humanitarian of the Week Goes To: with all due sarcasm

 Adam Giles

NT Chief Minister Adam Giles

I’m in shock. Last night the Northern Territory Attorney-General responded in a new interview on ABC Lateline – but he’s refusing to intervene to help free Roseanne. 

Despite the Australian Human Rights Commission’s decision to hold a hearing for Rosanne and an inquiry into the circumstance of her and up to 30 others,  incarceration without charge, he still refuses to consider acting at this point (previous post re hearing).  Her guardian Ian is naturally devastated and the commission will be calling both Minister Giles and his WA counterpart to the hearing to address the reasons for their decisions.  However in the meantime Rosanne is still in prison and is still being held without charge.

Instead, Mr Giles tried to suggest it wasn’t his responsibility to help, said it was acceptable to keep someone in jail without conviction for their own protection – and unbelievably, he seemed entirely comfortable for Roseanne to remain in prison indefinitely.

If you would like to express your opinion on this matter to Mr Giles please click on the link for his Facebook page.  Thank you for the time you took to read this and I hope you see the need that something should be done.

5 thoughts on “Humanitarian of the Week Goes To: with all due sarcasm

  1. I cannot understand how or why anyone would think it is permissible to imprison a person simply because it is easier to do that than actually help find a resolution and implement it. SMH


  2. Whether it’s his ‘responsibility to help’ in relation to the position he holds is beside the point… it’s his responsibility to help AS A HUMAN BEING who is in the position to help ease/end the suffering of another HUMAN BEING.

    Our capacity for empathy and compassion is what makes us human… if you can’t muster this, you should be seeing a veterinarian, not a doctor, for your yearly physical exam. And you should not be holding public office.

    Actually, I take that back, because it’s kind of insulting to animals, because even a dog will seek to comfort other animals when it senses their emotional distress.

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