Camping Quandries

Hunting around the camping sites I did come across something that would possibly persuade me to go camping.  It’s not certain but I think that the image below could sway my resolve to never camp.  What do you think?

maybe I'd go camping in thatOf course my true feelings regarding camping are more accurately expresses in this obviously wise and thoughtful meme that I found this weekend.  I mean holidays are meant to be relaxing are they not?  It doesn’t seem to make much sense to go somewhere and work harder than you would at home when not on holiday’s.


14 thoughts on “Camping Quandries

  1. In third world counties, camping is called surviving. If someone who lives in a tent everyday were to go on a week of living in a house and sleeping in a bed…. What would they call it?


  2. How about the snakes and massive spiders?! That python stuck on the fence would have me staying at a 5 star hotel…


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