Easter Holidays or the Apocalypse?

hotmessThink you’ve had a rough day – well come on in let’s chat!

Now I know people are supposed to be excited about the idea of holidays especially those special days called ‘public holidays’, me I’m not convinced they’re such a good thing.  Routines are put out and plans are fouled with the inclusion of those who should be ‘elsewhere’ not to mention things that should be open are shut.

Lets start the day with the fact it was Friday and my husband was at home.  This is not the way the week is supposed to work and as he didn’t appear to be dying from the plague I assumed he was taking a ‘sickie’.

Ignoring the malinger I grumped my way to the shops only to discover that the rapture had occurred overnight.  This idea was quickly discarded as I’m positive there would have been a hell of a lot more people left at the shopping center if that had occurred so obviously it must have been the actual Apocalypse and somehow we’d been overlooked.  Thinking that through it did occur to me that as a Wiccan, a Buddhist and an Agnostic it would be unlikely that our house would have been left off the clean-up list.

zombie apolclyesThen of course I leapt to the next sane conclusion that this was the Zombie Apocalypse and that sleeping in had obviously saved my life.  Just about to break out the emergency zombie kit from the boot of the car I noticed the Giant Bunny looming over the entrance to the parking lot for the shopping center.  Ahhh the Bunny Apocalypse – it all made sense for a moment anyway until the horrible truth hit me – Easter, it was friggin’ Easter and worse than that it was Easter Friday which meant [ominous music please] A FREAKIN’ PUBLIC HOLIDAY.  [I’d have preferred the apocalypse, I wouldn’t have needed to shop]

The shops were shut and worse the banks were shut.  What’s that you say, use the ATM – oh excuse me I forgot about the wonderful convenience of the whole in the wall and would make immediate use of it if only I HADN’T FORGOTTEN TO TRANSFER FUNDS TO THE CARD ACCOUNT!!!!! You see I wasn’t feeling that well yesterday and so thought that I’d leave the banking until Friday. ‘I’ll go up and transfer some from the savings account [not linked to the internet or any card for a reason] and get some cash out for the weekend’ thought I, completely oblivious to the fact that the next day was a public holiday as was the following Monday.

no moneyDigging through the change in my purse, adding up what was left in the card account after paying the bills this week and contemplating just how much cash my husband may have on him I discovered enough funds to do absolutely nothing over the next four days.  Now as a rule sedentary behavior is not something that I would curl my lip at but when it is enforced I tend to get a little snarly.

Sitting in my car at the shops I considered if it was possible to convince Michael that we were in the middle of an apocalypse and that leaving the house was unwise [not to mention being a really good excuse for not having access to funds], unfortunately I realized that the very fact that he was home today meant the he was aware of the dreaded ‘public holiday‘. This of course gave rise to the possibility that I could convince him that he was supposed to have gone to the bank yesterday but, darn my inconvenient conscience, I decided that would be mean even for me.

I don't know what you're talking aboutHowever upon getting home I discovered a rather pleased with himself husband waiting for me.  ‘Had a good time at the shops?’ was his cheery greeting.  Looking at him through narrowed eyes I debated a number of witty retorts that sadly all left me still not having gone to the bank.  Taking a deep breath I readied myself to confess the lack of funds and my ignorance of the Easter holidays [though come to think of it there were a lot more kids around during the day last week – huh!!] when he smiled and said not to worry that he’d stopped off for supplies during the day yesterday and as such we are not left totally bereft of funds for the next four days.

He’d even remembered to buy me some cigarettes, mumbling something about last weekend and possible threats of harm I may or may not have issued due to the lack thereof.  I then proceeded to lie through my teeth and say I had just popped up to the service station to put some petrol in the car [they’re open on public holidays – right].  He tried to prove that I didn’t have a clue about the holidays when I left the house that morning but I just stuck to the big eyes and I don’t know what you could possibly mean stance.

33 thoughts on “Easter Holidays or the Apocalypse?

  1. Wow! Good Friday is a public holiday in Australia? I feel your pain. I like the bit about him buying you cigarettes, though, and how you “stopped to put petrol” in your vehicle. 😀 And the Sheldon meme…love!


    • They should come with some sort of public announcement or something – I was caught totally off guard.

      It was nice of him [or safer for him?] to get me some cigs for the weekend but no way was I backing down over the petrol station lie!! [got to have limits after all] 😀


  2. Hope you had as much fun writing this as I did reading it. The good news is that everything, well almost everything, will be back to normal in a few hours. In the meantime, you might want to find a good book.


    • I wish – Monday is a public holiday too, add to that next Friday is Anzac Day [another public holiday] so next week is a short week so to speak. Still I think I’ll take the idea of hiding with a book and run with it for the night. Thanks 😀


  3. Ha! Too funny! I woke up this morning and was laying in bed going over my day’s schedule in my head when it twigged that Sunday is Easter Sunday. In my great but not yet activated genius I worked backwards and went “Wait! That means this is Good Friday!” So I got up, turned on the ;laptop, made a cup of tea and googled “good friday, 2014” and sure enough, it is today. No warning, no mention, no ads. I’m incensed. Anyway, You’d be OK here Jenni because of a sort of clash of cultures. I live on the border of two of Canada’s major proivinces – Ontario and Quebec. Ontario stores are closed today and open Sat and Monday and Quebec stores are open today and Sat and closed Monday. So you’d be fine, just a short jaunt across the river (about 3 miles from where I sit) would give you all the open shops you need. In fact today is a huge shopping day in Quebec, brought to them by all the Ontario workers on holiday. Ha! We got that one licked. And yes, I have one of those non-card acocunts too but I can transfer money out of it on-line and then spend from my card.

    Have a great Holiday! (and I’m impressed your hubbie bought you smokes for the weekend – he deserves some positive feedback for that)


    • Oh yes indeed which is why he had my home cooked rack of roast lamb in rosemary with gravy and baked vegetables for dinner tonight. It’s not my favorite but he’s a huge fan of the lamb.

      It’s a good thing I do grocery shopping by the fortnight so food isn’t an issue for the next few days. Plus we’ve got Monday as a public holiday and then next Friday is ANZAC day, also another holiday but I think that about uses them up until Labor Day.


  4. That’s not the nice Friday we hope for. I don’t like breaks in my routine either. When my husband’s at home, it completely throws me off. Like you, I leave to run errands, but I’m not sure what I’d do if the stores were closed. Take a long walk, I suppose.


    • I know – there should have at least been some sort of announcement so I could prepare. Michael tried to tell me that he’d mentioned it a few times this week but I’m sure I wouldn’t have forgotten [although I may not have been paying attention – new book].


      • That’s something not easily forgotten. If you’re anything like me, those words “I’ll be off on … ” play over and over through your head as a constant reminder.


  5. That made me smile. It must be nice to get a holiday for Easter. We Americans couldn’t possibly recognize one religious holiday over another for fear of offending someone. If the govt said we are having a 3 day weekend for any reason I’ll take it.


    • Really – I don’t think we worry about religion as much here to tell you the truth. It seems such a big deal in the US.

      Here it’s oh you worship Satan – ho hum, believe in spaceships coming to take the chosen – pass the salt, Jesus is coming – should we set another place at the table.

      Our religion in Rugby, Cricket and Barbecues oh and Beer cannot forget Beer – as you can see it is mainly a male orientated religion with the females providing snacks as half time.


  6. Everything shuts for Easter? Our shops shut at Christmas and possibly New Year’s Day but other public holidays, places just have shorter opening hours… At least you have cigarettes though 🙂


    • It shuts for the public holidays but banks are shut on the weekend anyway so it’s four days with no banks etc which would mean four days without being able to access any extra supplies if Michael hadn’t remembered to go to the shopping center on Thursday. 🙂


  7. I work retail so unfortunately I cannot almost forget any holiday , ever. It was bad yesterday too. Apparently a new sneaker came out and we had campers outside the mall before it even opened ( thank God my store don’t sell those brands though). The mall was packed. And my store had a coupon. When i finally dragged my feet home from work, i made a drink. It was that kind of work day. And it’s been Spring Break for highschoolers and college kids. So add them to the list of out and about. Mayhem. Complete and utter mayhem.

    And can i just say I don’t understand the “family trips” to the mall. What ever happened to going to the movies, or out to eat? How is window shopping in my store, tossing up various racks and shelves with several little kids running around screaming and banging on metal things transpire to a family day out? Or needing an Easter outfit, the day before Easter? Then get mad at me we don’t have your size or the color or the perfect imaginary outfit you’ve built in your mind.


    • People shop for FUN – it’s wrong just wrong!! Screaming children in the food court which only looks like feeding time for the zoo. You have my DEEPEST sympathies for having to work 1. in retail and 2. during holidays!!!! You guys should have all sorts of perks and huge salaries to put up with the rest of the population at their worst.


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