Time Issues

Well it appears that turning 44 has had more of an effect than I realized.  Sadly I woke up today and realized it was Friday not Saturday and therefore all the posts that I had put up yesterday as the being the beginning of the Weekend Funny spot were more than just a ‘little’ early.

Next thing you know I’ll be having dinner and 5 pm and watching Morning Sunrise TV to make sure I catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip.  When I tried to whinge to my husband about it his response was less than helpful – in fact it was more like this:

pee laughing

Humph – not helpful and I feel a tad childish – oh goddess did I just accuse someone of being childish Noooo!!!! What’s next – ‘when I was a girl’ stories quickly  followed by ‘in my day we ….’ . Or worse going shopping and finding the ‘Nanna frock‘ suddenly appealing and considering the comfort of ‘granny undies’ or ‘Nanna nighties‘.   I mean only age and possibly dementia could account for finding a reason to wear THESE:

granny undies


No – I’m sure it was just a case of not enough sleep during the week.  I’m not getting old, I’m not getting old, I’m not getting old – hmmm does anyone have any ruby slippers it might work better with them than without I think.  Oh well look at that there’s an early bird special down at the RSL –

Heeeeeelp Meeeee!!!!


13 thoughts on “Time Issues

  1. Too funny!! Granny panties – they may be the style one day. You just never know. In regard to early dinners, we eat at 5:45 just about every evening. My husband would probably love dinner at 8, but that’s way too late for my liking. So we eat early and he snacks again later.


    • I just can’t eat a dinner meal when it is still light – it just seem natural. I had to make it 7.30 as my husband goes to bed quite early due to work but if left to my own devices I’d eat between 8.30 and 9.30 pm.


  2. Many Happy Returns on Your Solar Return!
    I’ve yet to experience the dark side of 40…or even the dark side of 30 for that matter (I’m not helping, am I?), but I’m beginning to have those moments of realizing I’m not that kid any more that’s fresh out of high school and brand new to the adult world.
    A silly example, I was playing Super Mario brothers 2 that my boyfriend had downloaded. We had one of our co-workers over who’s 20, and I was full of nostalgia. “I haven’t played this since I was in the single digits!” I was exclaiming, as I glanced over at our co-worker and realized that the last time I played this game, she hadn’t even been born yet.
    Just a little bout of realizing my age, and I’m sure many more will come.
    Don’t sweat not remembering the day. I think every day is Monday. I get very perplexed people people talk about tomorrow being the weekend.
    I hope you had an amazing day, lady!


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