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WelcometomyblogWelcome to Unload and Unwind my name is Jenni not Trouble – don’t listen to my family they’re all a little crazy.  Other than me OF COURSE, I’m the only one who is able to take the high road and do so with great pride.  This pride has sadly led to many a tumble and slip but my wonderful and patient husband has never let me down when it comes to breaking my fall.  

I suppose the thing most people notice about me [other than my charm and good looks – shh mum or I’ll put you in a home] is my generosity of spirit and my deep belief in sharing my opinion with anyone who will stand still long enough to hear it.

If you’re busy and don’t have time to stop and listen don’t fret I’m nimble and can expound even as I chase you down the street.  I’ve recently started this blog for all those who are unlucky enough not to have the benefit of my erudite opinions in person and I would dearly love to see you at Unload and Unwind again.

Custom-Home-Library-Design-580x471So come on in and sit a spell, we’ve all sorts of different things for you to look at. You’ll find the Category list in the sidebar if you want to browse or the home page will give you an overview of the most recent posts. Please make yourself at home and feel free to have your say [I certainly do] about any of the pieces you read.  

I have always loved to write and eventually made a career out of it. Due to a number of reasons – which I’m quite sure will be covered over time I haven’t done as much of it recently outside of the work that I do. I’m hoping that as this blog grows so will I and I would love to have you along for the journey.


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So pleased to meet you and I hope to see you again here at Unload and Unwind.

395 thoughts on “About Unload & Unwind

  1. Thanks for coming along and following my blog. I really appreciate the encouragement and hope you won’t be disappointed. Look forward to reading yours and finding out more about you.


  2. Thank you for visiting and following my blog, Jenni.
    I know what you mean when you say, ‘I’m hoping that as this blog grows so will I and I would love to have you along for the journey.’ That’s exactly how I feel about my blog and my journey.
    Writing has been a passion of mine for a very long time now, and, although my poem was lighthearted, I am actually very serious about editing. I think we learn as much about ourselves during the editing process as we do when we write freely and unconstrained.


  3. Jenni, thanks for the follow. I’m interested to know if you, as someone who appears to have transitioned from the shallow commercial world of marketing to something more genuine and deep for you, whether you think it’s important that one’s work should have intrinsic value, and what to do if you can’t find that.


    • I think it is important to us that we feel our lives have value and worth. For some that is measured in salary and property, others in appearance, some in ‘good works’ for appearance sake and others who try to give back to the world in which we live.

      For some doing it full-time is not an option because like it or not bills tend to arrive with alarming regularity and they like to be paid. I’m lucky enough to be able to take the odd contract job here and there for larger money and my husband works full-time.

      Our income has dropped dramatically but our life has improved immeasurably BUT even our dropped income is more than enough to meet day to day expenses – for some that would not be possible.

      For those who can’t devote the time that I have to different projects there are many ways to involve yourself in what you important. Give some of you time or skills to a group you admire and you feel could use assistance. Go to some of the groups, tell them what skills you have and what time etc you can spare and just ask where they think you could help.

      After you’ve seen how they work you may even have suggestions as to what else could help. Start small with just one thing that you can do and you’ll be surprised how it grows and the how you’ll grow as a person. I’m still surprised each day at how differently I view the world now.

      Good luck with your journey and I hope this helped a little – come back and visit from time to time and you can see some of the different projects I get passionate about.


    • Thanks for visiting – just popped over to your blog and it looks really interesting will be looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Jenni


  4. Hi Thanks for following.
    Good luck with the writing ‘outside of work’. I too am a writer (novelist) and can understand how a) writing is a passion you cannot live without, and b) there never seems to be enough time to write!


  5. Hi Jenni thanks for stopping by and following my page! Hope we can share some interesting posts in the future! I look forward to sifting through your page in the coming weeks 🙂

    Take care


    • Thanks for taking the time to visit – and well ummm yeah tend to have a lot to say on a variety of things and so needed some categories before it became to confused. See you around the blogasphere.


  6. In my brief look around, I love what I see. I came here to thank you for following my blog “Drinking for a Lifetime” and I decided to follow your blog as well. Keep up your great work and I’ll “see” you around. 🙂



  7. Thanks for following my blog! I hope you enjoy my eclectic series of photos! I never know what’s coming next-well except I just got two eight week old kittens so expect to see a lot of them. I feel like a grandma showing off her grandchildren! 🙂


    • Thanks for taking the time for a visit. Well I always enjoy the photo blogs as I’m useless myself but love imagery. Sure to see you around the blogasphere. Jenni 🙂


  8. Hi there Jenni,
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my little corner of the blogosphere and the follow, your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂

    Have a great day,



  9. 🙂 I do a lot of the same with my blog. 😛 Sometimes there’s a point, sometimes it’s just random thoughts. ;-P And my like button does not work for some reason so consider this liked! 😉


  10. Hello! Thank you for stopping by and following. And I really like your blog! I love to write too and I think you’ll inspire me. Cheers! 🙂


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