Weekend Funny Challenge – Yes I know I’m running late

laughter as a trank

It’s been a busy week here in Oz with our government seeking to deconstruct about 40 years worth of progress in 48 hours and as such I’ve been a little busy with some other projects.  Combine that with the fact that my husband was home this Thursday and Friday, totally throwing out my week [rude of him really] and it all added up to getting a little behind on a lot of things.

So now we’re in catch up mode with a dash of frantic thrown in so when I saw this on Smile Be Happy I though Oh yeah that is exactly what I need to start the ball rolling for this weekend.

I will be joining you later this evening with some other pieces that I’ve been writing for this weekend so until then, smile more, laugh lots and live loud.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Funny Challenge – Yes I know I’m running late

      • Thanks, I thought maybe I had gone too far, although as unthinkable as it may be that is the direction it appears to be going.I’ve studied the WTO in business and they don’t tolerate countries subsidizing their exports by increasing intenal prices. We’ve been slapped for it a few times in Canada and have had to change our taxes and subsidizies to keep from being barred from trade. (For example we had to change our manufacturers tax to a VAT to avoid sanction.) Also, wrt the refugee status, if someone is unable to access health care so that their familys’ lives are endangered, refugee status could be considered.


  1. Thought you might not be doing this this week, mainly to thwart my efforts to participate (lol). A good thing? Maybe as I was wracking my brain to come up with something I thought appropriate and, after coming but short, pretty much gave up yesterday after not seeing your reminder. May link to this when I post later all the same. The worst you can do it not like it.


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