Questioning Ideas – Tuesday’s Thought for the Day

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This thought for the day was inspired by the post Pseudo Morality by Jack Sutter on his blog Heart of a Lunatic and speaks to my need to question preconceived ideas.

To then come to conclusions based not the thoughts of others but upon the taking of those thoughts and trying to understand how and why they have come to be and how I can build a life of worth based on those findings as I perceive them.

Going on from there I would like to add some thoughts by Albert Einstein as to how approach such a way of life.



24 thoughts on “Questioning Ideas – Tuesday’s Thought for the Day

    • Thanks – I don’t look down on other’s and their beliefs in any way I just have trouble accepting things without questioning them first and some find that a little ‘annoying’ shall we say.


  1. Reblogged this on christie james and commented:
    Hard to be effectively creative without questioning. Wise words from Guatama Buddha and Albert Einstein. In fact, even the Bible says to ‘test everything, and hold on to what is good.’ (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

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  2. It’s a really fascinating issue. What bothers me the most these days is how self righteous people are about their own morality and I mean that across all sides of the political spectrum. There are some very real dangers in believing you are morally superior to all others, therefore everything you wish to promote is for the good of mankind and may be promoted by any means necessary. CS Lewis wrote quite a bit about the evilness of moral busybodies who do things for our own good. Some of the worst evils in this world have been done under the guise of the common good.

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    • That is quite true – it’s why I always try to make the point in some of my more political posts that I don’t expect to be believed ‘just because’ all that I want is for others to look at the information and decide for themselves.


  3. Enjoyed every word of the post.
    The 10th point – i often see it having a greater impact in my life and hence its my fav one.
    Good post Jenni. 🙂


  4. Thanks for linking to “Pseudo Morality”, it’s appreciated 🙂 .

    I think number 1 and number 4 are my favorites on the Einstein list. #2 comes in at second place.


    • No problems – I always put a link in if something someone has written gives me an idea – otherwise it’s just a little to close to stealing.


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