Could Have Been Me – Just For Fun

  Detention brings smartass behaviour to the awareness of parents who in my case generally responded to pointing out the glaring stupidity of calling that sort of attention to myself in class by saying something along the lines of: and then wanted me to apologise to the teacher but didn’t feel that as a rule my…

Advanced Early Learning – Just For Fun

It seems that early learning centres are getting quite advanced although I’m not sure if this is something that needs to be covered quite so soon in life – plenty of time to scare them later after all. She looks as if she’s having a fine time – him, not so much. Posting in March…

Dangerous Driving

I know I should wait for the weekend with this one but honest I just couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it.  In the spirit of responsible parents everywhere and with honest intent to inform I give you:  Toddlers and Texting.

Sophisticated Humour

  Oh GiantGag thank you – this is just perfect.  It shows the high minded levels to which my funny bone reacts.  Come On everyone admit it – Farting is just plain funny, add Farting Failures and it’s more than chuckle worthy.