Funny – But Not Really

Once again I have to say thank you to IFLScience for this little gem.  It is a very funny and yet sad poke at our modern world, it’s people and our uses of the amazing technological advances that have occurred in the past few decades.

Lisa the thief

Originally posted on A Faded Romantic's Notebook:
It depresses me that I have to do this on my birthday. I despise plagiarists – those who steal the words of others and use them to add value to themselves. A true writer will always credit his or her sources – and certainly not pretend that…

What Really Ticked Me Off This Tuesday

Saw this amazing post on Dizzy Chick called Ticked Off Tuesday where she invites you to let rip with whatever has been bugging you today.  Excellent timing I have to say as I’m a little peeved at present and am proceeding swiftly to fully pissed.  Some might read this and say I’m being a little…