16 thoughts on “Weekend Funny – A Wife’s Revenge

  1. Bwahahaha! Cops are funny like that. We used to run into that trucking all the time. if a cop stops you, confess, apologize and take your lumps. You have an even chance of getting a warning. Lie to a cop or give them a hard time and he/she will find a reason to give you another ticket- always.I had a colleague who was contrary on the best of days. A cop stopped him going into New York to warn him he had a taillight out. The driver gave the cop such a hard time, he got a ticket. When he complained about that and insulted the cop, the cop noticed that the lettering on the side of the truck was not of legal size and wrote him another ticket. When he complained about that, the cop noticed that the truck mudflaps were an inch too short by law and wrote another ticket. My colleague was telling this story and he stopped here and said the cop asked him: “Are you done complaining yet?, I have all night.” He responded by saying he was done and apologized and thanked the cop, who then went about his business.

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    • Yeah – always best to smile say sorry and shut-up anything else ends in more fines. I have this picture of this couple from the joke as an older pair with her just sitting there knitting and him being all grouchy.


  2. “A Wife’s Revenge”
    Revenge indeed. It can really lead to extremes, but so can the consumption of alcohol!
    The revenge serves him right? Apparently one should think so. Otherwise it wouldn’t be funny. One could make a short film out of it, she knitting and the cop being busy writing a ticket and another one and another one . . . . πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the Weekend Funny, Jenni. Hope you’re feeling well, and have a great Sunday! πŸ™‚


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