Odour Of Abbott by Jennifer Ellem

Odour of Abbott

candles-e7afa4c84fedfca7bff87de4e8db3449a44d0933-s6-c30A wanna be priest called Abbott

Was found to be a little too rabid

His visions of glory were dimmed

By the churches care for those who had sinned

So he left in huff

Saying enough of this stuff

And into the world he spinned

abbott as studentHe was trained in the law

But found the rules quite a bore

So business seemed like the thing

But in his very first weeks

ShitCreek768He appeared up shits creek

By making a mess

Of a factory no less

In ignoring the workers he’d incited a strike

And the management told Abbott go take a hike

why I left the priesthoodHe dabbled with writing

As journalism seemed so exciting

But the work was exacting

With no room for acting

And its lustre soon lost it shine

From there was the leap

To the political heap

scienceandpolitics-mar-2013Whose heights he started to climb

With bluster and blather

He worked up a lather

That propelled him ever up the incline

All that was needed

Was the dissent that he seeded

dissensionTo give him that particular shine.

By hook or by crook

He did what it took

To master the political slope

And as he ascended

no cutsHis views he amended

To garner support from all

He slipped and he slid

His true vision he hid

And he watched his opponents fall.

screen_shot_2013_09_07_at_7_34_35_pm_192m3r3_192Now was the moment

Now was the time

The star that was Abbott

Was ready to shine

He smiled and he winked

Investigated batts that were pink

And gave presents to all of his friends

abcFor Rupert you see

Didn’t like the ABC

So as a gift just for him

He cut off its limbs

So the bother to Rupert was small.

fuel subsidy for GinaFor mining buddies Gina and Co

The carbon tax as promised did go and

In its place was a gift

Fuel subsidies to aid in their thrift

While Australians footed their bill

In another treat just for them

The RETS came to an end

To be the PM was a thrill.

20141223-cooking-ith-tony-misogyny-featureFor the ladies of Oz there was much that he gave

So when doing their ironing

For him they were pining

And the money he told them he saved.

But times were a changing

g57634635015In the polls Labor was gaining

And poor Tony was all at sea.

He just couldn’t see why

They dissed is blue tie

Didn’t they know he was a wonderful bloke?

Bw7MJRjCYAAFKN1When asked about pensions

He called it dissention

Yelling there was no promise he broke

He stomped and he pouted

His critics he outed

Saying they’re just trying to smear

At the man we should all revere

abbott-captain-wilcoxI’m the leader the captain

He bellowed in vain

My calls are beyond reproach

But each day the ground shifted

And his leadership listed

While the nation looked on in disgust

CartoonAIMHe tried terror and fear

Bullying all who came near

But the slope was already sliding

Children in harm

Huh – why should he give a darn?

A stitch-up was all he could sneer.

100521 Abbott foot in mouthSo we wait and we wonder

For Abbott’s next blunder

To see if it will finally end

There are those who have waited

With breath that was baited

getting rid of tonyTo see Abbott completely undone

For me I don’t care

For I think they all share

The blame for the mess it’s become

All playing their games

While others suffer in our name

Is not something I’ll ever forgive

116474-ffbbefaa-9f2f-11e3-b163-d60ea6e39be3This political strife

Has cost others their life

And nothing will ever undo

The words that were spoken

And the laws that were passed

That gave leave for the horrors

So cruel and so harsh.

11 thoughts on “Odour Of Abbott by Jennifer Ellem

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how politicians make promises to get elected and then do what they want once elected. There should be some kind of a non-partisan oversight committee with teeth, that has the power to fine, punish or jail politicians who do this – after all it is Fraud, plain and simple – they should be charged the same as any business person who makes promises, takes money and then does not deliver.

    great post Jenni – funny yet so sad.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep – Life got a tad complicated but now is back to the just the normally messy. I’ll be back over to play catch-up as I’m saving your blog and a few others I enjoy for fun.

      But I’m trying to work my way through my Blog Inbox and take some time to do a quick scan of the other blogs.

      Pretty sure my good intentions will fizzle about 24 hours from now and I’ll just delete everything old and start reading the new posts.

      See you E-soon.


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