Weekend Funny – Cutest Car Jacking Ever

Welcome back to the Weekend Funny where we take a break from the more bleak side of things and concentrate on stories or pictures that have made us smile, giggle or laugh like a loon.  It’s been awhile so let me refresh your memory about how this works.  If you wish to participate make sure to include the URL to one of the posts here this weekend.  If you have trouble with that you can send me the details in a comment and I”ll post it here with a link back to your site so everyone will be able to come and check out what you’ve been doing.

So now where were we ….. Oh yes, it appears we have a problem with car jacking here in Oz that is not so easily handled by the local authorities.  After getting off the school bus and walking toward the family jeep a young man was surprised to see just who the driver was.  Apparently there was a certain amount of staring from both parties but the incident ended peacefully for all concerned and the vehicle returned to the owners.


When questioned the Koala said he was just waiting for a friend




6 thoughts on “Weekend Funny – Cutest Car Jacking Ever

    • I don’t know – Koala’s are notorious for DWI’s since all those Eucalyptus in the leaves makes them drunk most of the time. Plus it’s a little know fact that Koala’s can be VERY grumpy [hangovers I’m sure] so you’ve got the whole road rage thing going there as well.

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