Death of a Computer

coke meets computerHi folks, I’ve been somewhat absent as you can see.  Sadly it wasn’t because my life took a new and interesting turn …… sigh …….  It was a case of computer meets coke with the fairly predictable outcome of computer meltdown.  As all unanticipated emergencies it came at a most inopportune time when lack of funds was quite an issue.  Even though I was able to salvage the hard drive from my laptop I wasn’t able to save the computer itself and had to purchase a new one.

I did try using my husband’s desktop but as it is an old machine with the capacity of an electric typewriter it wasn’t a good substitute.  In fact I was in danger of having to buy a new one of those since the desire to drop kick it through a window was overwhelming at times so I deemed it safer to keep my distance.  It’s fine for him as all he needs IS an electric typewriter with an internet connection.

Thankfully now I have a new, and may I say quite nifty, laptop I’ll be rejoining the online world yet again.  I did however have one final hurdle as when I went to log back into WordPress I realised that I’d changed mobiles since opening this account and as such the SMS code was sent to the old number.  There was much hoop jumping and wrangling to get past that but I’m now fully functional [ well online anyway I can’t make that claim everything else in my life.] and ready to rant once again.  I look forward to catching up with all of you and your posts as well as the backlog of political peeves I’ve amassed in the time away from my blog.  Be E-seeing you soon.

27 thoughts on “Death of a Computer

  1. I assumed Abbott had eaten you, because his expression recently while waiting for his vote of ‘confidence’ suggested gross indigestion. In a way I’m glad he survived because 1. we have our own prannock for a PM and it’s good to know others suffer with us and 2. it’s lovely seeing you eviscerate him so had he gone, that pleasure would have been denied us.

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  2. Everyone has to go through a computer purchase once or twice in their lives, and how we look forward to the joy of joys, those happy hours of re-installing! It is sometime since my last happy event, but I still have the words ‘X is installing files on your computer. Please wait.’ Engraved upon my brain. I’m happily anticipating my next re-birth, and getting to love Windows 12b, or whatever the next manifestation of Beelzebub proves to be.

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    • Oh I hear you – that’s why I was so grateful I salvaged the hard-drive. My programs etc were all able to be uploaded so I didn’t have to muck about with the evil minions of satan [otherswise known as microsoft tech support]. I’ll just keeping uploading the patches so I stay compatable but there is no way I’m going with the whole new office systems they have out. You need a compass and a packed lunch to navigate it and quite possibly a deal with the devil to use it properly. I love comps etc but I hate the way software companies have kept changing for no real reason other than to sell more software and half the time the new isn’t as good as the old.

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    • Thanks – my husbands comp could cope with FB – just – but anything slightly more complicated and it would simply shut down. It’s good to be back online and I love love love my new laptop. 😀 😀 Have lots of reading to do however as I’ve fallen just a tad behind on everyones blog posts.

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