I Have Sold My Conscience

I want to share another voice from Australia who has been crushed by what our country has become and I would like to hear from any other bloggers writing about this so I can share their stories also.

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I was once a proud Australian.

Then I took part in an electoral process which led to tony abbott becoming Prime Minister.

tony abbott, who began by lying about something his predecessor said and who, after his election, continued to lie about everything he said and ignore all facets of truth.

beginningHe lied about how he was going to tax us. He did say that there would be no changes to the GST.

He lied about no changes to Pensions even as he reduced the increases.

He lied about cuts to the ABC and SBS, calling them “efficiency dividends” before finally admitting they were cuts.

He lied about his education policy.

He, and his Ministers, lied about so many things.

Australia’s foreign aid was changed from being aid to help the needy to aid to help Australian Business people.

All of which made me sad but not discouraged for these…

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