Danger – Time Portal Opens in Australia and Drags Populace Back into the Past

back in timeDo you remember playing the ‘if you could go back in time what would you change‘ game?  Well here in the land of Oz it’s no longer a hypothetical what if scenario.  The current government is hell-bent on rewriting history, gutting future development and isolating us from the rest of the civilized world.

They’re busily revoking hard won environmental protection laws, re-visiting [with pride mind you]  The White Australia Policy, rewriting the curriculum to ignore indigenous and multi-cultural Australia, standing apart from Climate Change policy and sending Women’s Rights into the void.  Sadly that’s just an overview of the many changes we’re facing here from a government increasingly dismissive of public opinion as well as international and domestic law.

white-ribbon2Today was White Ribbon day, an event led by men to show their support for women and their disapproval of violence against women around the world. Tony Abbott, who is not only our PM but is the self-appointed Minister for Women, was the only male in parliament today not wearing a ribbon.

Despite the fact that he joined the governor general for a White Ribbon day event he continues to remain oblivious to current gender roles and his own blinkered vision.

minister for womenHe has a long history of treating women as less than in both public and private life.  This may sound a little picky but it is indicative of a government who have ministers that declare putting women in headlock is reasonable if you are her husband.

It is also the same government who has ministers telling the UN that violence against women was not torture and not the responsibility of government.  Karapanagiotidis of Asylum Seekers Resource Centre  condemned the Abbott Government saying:

it was the first in 25 years to argue that the CAT does not apply to violence against women, and called it “a dark day in Australia’s history”.

abbott_socialismAs for Climate Change and moving toward lower carbon emissions as well as future development in renewable energy it seems that our government is once again going backwards.  

As the rest of the world makes commitments to long-term reduction of emissions and funding for renewable energy our government removes the Carbon Tax, cuts funding to environmental protection agencies, slashes the Renewable Energy Targets [because – get this – they worked too well and were taking profits away from mining companies] and accuses the Bureau of Meteorology of being ‘in league’ with environmental terrorists by providing false weather data [yep he really is our PM and yep he may as well be wearing a tin foil hat].  

G20stagecartoonIf that’s not enough to have you shaking your head at the stupidity of it all Abbott say’s his proudest moment at the recent G20 [Oh don’t get me started on that event] was ‘standing up for coal’ as the rest of the world leaders spoke of moving away from fossil fuel based energy.  Well he is the man who goes around saying ‘coal is good for humanity[I kid you not].

On top of that, just when other countries have slowed their import of brown coal and a number of Australian mines closed down for a ‘rest period’ due to oversupply this government, along with the Qld State government is opening the Carmichael Mine, which is planned to be the largest coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere.

hands off the reefLack of support for this project hasn’t dampened their efforts.  Bank after bank has pulled out of funding the project and our largest importers have reduced their requirements for the product along with issuing statements that there are plans to reduce them even further.  All of this combined with the dangerous reputation of the Adani group has raised community protest to an all time high.

Now the sensible thing to do would be to at least put the project on hold or better still cancel it, as advised by the environmental protection agencies due to the issue of contaminating the water table as well as further damage to the Great Barrier Reef with the planned expansion of Abbott Point coal terminal.

But no, what’s our government going to do, well I’ll tell you they’re planning to sell public assets to fund the Adani group to build a mine no one wants to mine coal that no one will buy.  [massive surplus on the market is not expected to reduce until at least 2016].  There is a great deal more to be said, especially in regards to human rights and education but for now I’ll hop off my soapbox and rest up so I am ready for a new rant tomorrow.

pissed offI’m so very angry about what is happening in this country but under it there is fear and a great deal of it.  The potential damage the LNP can do while they are in office is staggering and considering what they have already done the future does not bode well.

However there is some light at the end of the tunnel as the state election in Victoria are set for the coming weekend and it looks as if the LNP government there is going to be not just out on the street but pushed into the wilderness for a long time.  Next up will be the Qld elections and boy does Newman have to go.  After that we go federal and all things being even [which they rarely are] we’ll be kicking Tony and his ‘boys’ to the curb.


23 thoughts on “Danger – Time Portal Opens in Australia and Drags Populace Back into the Past

    • Yeah I’ve seen this – also watched Bill Shorten and a number of others in opposition front him in parliament by listing in chronological order the lies, the dates and places they were made and the dates and places they were broken.

      It’s a mess of sophistry from the government – for example they promised no cuts to the ABC and SBS now there are cuts but according to the PM they’re not cuts they’re efficiency dividends.

      I think Liar Liar Pants on Fire is really the only appropriate response at this stage.


  1. Money – it’s all about the money. Abbott is acting like a sociopath. I hope he and his gov’t get chucked. thanks so much for the update Jenni – it looks like it is getting scarier everyday. Great post.

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    • That is the dream however while I’m sure it will be much better than the current idiots in charge I’ve come to realize that modern day politicians are usually cut from the same cloth.

      Their policies may differ but the self serving nature of government remains the same. We no longer have leaders who show integrity simply because it is the right thing to do. They show it because it’s politically expedient.

      Oh well maybe I’ll be proved wrong – I sure do hope so.

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    • I have no idea. I had an argument with someone the other re renewable energy. They kept going on about the false data etc and climate change conspiracy so I said OK lets take that issue off the table. Then I asked them what was wrong with pursuing renewable energy options such as solar and wind.

      They got cranky and said I was trying to twist the argument but I just said no I’m asking a question. Remove climate science true or false from the equation and give me a valid reason not to pursue cleaner cheaper energy.

      They wouldn’t answer and got so angry and derisive as I kept saying I’m not asking you to agree about climate change I’m simply asking you what is wrong with renewable energy. They never did answer me – it’s that sort of blindness I don’t understand.

      I mean when the largest oil producers in world [Saudi] are investing billions in solar farming starting now and with plans for the next two decades you can be pretty sure it’s not to do with their care for the planet but simple economic planning to maintain their hold on the energy market.

      Why that implication doesn’t seem to occur to others is beyond me although for some it is a matter of being heavily invested in fossil fuel and unwilling to lose the power that it brings them and their control of the market.

      It’s shortsighted but so many of the decisions big business makes are – short term profit is God and let tomorrow work itself out.

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      • The trouble is, people aren’t rational. Probably even those of us who think we are. But oh, is it ever maddening! I truly think part of the problem is our educational system that doesn’t teach us to respect reason, science, and problem-solving.

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      • This sounds spot on to me, Jenni, what you say there. Some people seem to think only of short term profit. But these people really can’t be the majority. Or can they? I mean a lot of people seem to be dead scared that their wonderfully high living standard might suffer because of certain changes. On the other hand there seem to be quite a number of people who are prepared to go with the times by going for renewable energy. These changes are an ongoing process whether our government likes it or not! 🙂

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      • Yes times are changing but we’ve got a government chained to fossil fuels and the past, one who is prepared to do a great many things to prevent change happening here.


  2. I want to deeply apologize. I know as a Canadian, we seem to be stereotypically seen as overly deferential, but your Conservative leader has been looking up to Prime Minister Harper as an elder statesman and role model. Not only have we blighted our own country with this man & his policies, but we have managed to infect other sane lands with the same. Hopefully, sanity will return to both our lands. 🙂

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    • Hey don’t feel bad this guy’s been a complete idiot since his uni days. After all he’s the one who wanted to be a Catholic priest but left disillusioned saying the Catholic Church was too progressive for him and had too much care for sinners [his actual words]. Honest I think if he could lead Australia into the crusades like that of the middle ages he’d be in mad monk heaven. Mad Monk was his nickname at uni and the seminary.


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