Tuesday’s Thought For The Day

It’s been a little while since I’ve just done a quick thought for the day.  Sadly I do have a lot more that I wish to write about but as I’ve been down with the Flu [yes again – nasty thing just won’t quit] I have to make this one quick due to the need to catch up on some other work.

This message from the Dr Who archives is something that is VERY relevant right now. Whether it is in regards to the appalling actions of our government against refugees, their attitude to the environment, their ignorance in matters of multiculturalism and their stance on taxation and welfare the Australian government is a prime example of the sentiments spelled out in this picture.

I wrote in length earlier regarding cognitive dissonance and this government, especially the PM but honestly I think the argument is summed up very nicely by the ever popular Dr Who. [plus I’m a huge fan of the series going back the 70’s] It is something that we should give some thought to as well as our own tendencies to ignore that which does not fit our view of the world.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thought For The Day

  1. I hope you are feeling better soon too – and I agree with the other suggestion on the D and the C – and make it powdered C if you can – also – as I am sure you know – sleep is when our body heals so darken that room and get extra hours. Also, what alyays helps me is hot garlic water…. or garlic in soup – but the water tincture I take on and off as I am able – just crush a single clove of fresh garlic and add it to a couple ounces of hot water and drink right away – if you are not sued to it you may need a carrier – like some crackers or toast – but garlic has antibiotic, antifungal, and anti microbe properties – as I am sure you already know –
    anyhow, speedy recovery to ya! ❤

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    • Yes – I have used it in the past often since I suffered from Renal failure when I was young and as a result my immune system was compromised.

      It is much better but still not what it should be which is why I’m usually very careful about the Flu etc. Sadly my husband works for Qld Health and often visits the wards so every now an then regardless of how careful I am I end up with a cold etc.

      Garlic is wonderful, not just as an excellent additive to food but as a means of preventative health and boosting the immune system. I’ve also found tea tree oil to be a wonderful way to clear my head and help with the muscle and joint pain that comes when it’s not just a cold but actually the Flu.

      So many of the chemist products use artificial means to produce the same results for products we find in nature. I’m fine with modern medicine in it’s place but feel people tend to over use prescription and over the counter products.

      Part of the reason my immune system failed was the long term effects of the medication the doctors prescribed to assist my recovery after my kidney failed. I’ve come to learn that there were other products, much less damaging that would have had the same effect.

      As a result I’m always a little leery of just blindly accepting what the doctor prescribes. Thank you for taking the time to give me your ideas – I really appreciate the thought.

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  2. I wish you well Jenni – hopefully you beat this dastardly flu. I can attest to the accuracy of your readers concerning vitamins. I’m a dialysis patient and dialysis removes some vitamins, so I have to take vitamins daily for replenishment. I haven’t had a cold or the flu now for 8 years.

    I like your opening Dr. Who quote – on the face of it it seems accurate , but there is something deeper buried there as well. Quite often we give power to those who can change the facts, which is a good thing when used for general benefit. The problem comes when that power is not used for general benefit but rather for the benefit of the few. As seems to be happening in Australia.

    Thanks for touching base – I was concerned and had popped by a few times to see if you had anything new up. Get well.

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    • When I was a little girl I was allowed one hour of TV per day. So it was the Goodies and Dr Who that got my vote. I was stoked when they decided to keep the series going as I always found it very entertaining to say the least. Must admit Jon Pertewee was not my favourite Doctor either – didn’t like the whole velvet frock coat thing on him at all.

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  3. You know, there aren’t very many quotes of Classic Who Doctors circulating the social mediums, so I’ve got to thank you for this one! This particular quote reminds me of First Wizard’s Rule (Terry Goodkind, Sword of Truth Series, and an excellent series it is). The Tenth Rule is this: “Willfully turning aside from the truth is treason to one’s self.” I trust this much: the powerful are burning bridges they’ll later have the need to walk over.

    Feel better soon! (Zicam, next time you feel those nasty symptoms start. It’s awesome at preventing the flu!)


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