Dennis Leary Serenading us this Sunday

I have to admit that this rather ummmm ‘in your face’ song by Dennis Leary is a favourite.  It’s a wonderful example of just what a bunch of assholes humans can be without even really trying.  If you changed some of the words from America to Australia it could quite easily be used as the theme song for the LNP and Abbott in particular.  I hope you find it funny and not too offensive but in a way being offensive is the point of the song.

18 thoughts on “Dennis Leary Serenading us this Sunday

  1. Welcome to the Western World. Use everthing you have to get the better of everyone else. On Jenni, the sense of responsibility for the wefare of others is quickly disappearing in this world – or at least the part of the world I can see. The video was too correct to be very funny – although the message was clear and the video definitely worth watching.

    I hope that’s not what you’re settling for as humor these days – or you’re in rough shape. Ha!

    Hope all is well with you. have a great week.

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    • It’s a dark sort of humour I must admit but despite my anger and fear you have to laugh because if you don’t you give too much respect to those who don’t deserve it. I’ve had an interesting weekend since George Christensen MP made a speech in parliament calling the green protesters here in Mackay [of which I am a part] terrorists and a worse threat to the Australian people than the ISIS. Not quite sure if I’m pissed off, amused or about to have ASIO knocking on my front door.


      • Really, he compared the green party to ISIS (or ISIL – I saw it called that the other day, no exlanation given)? That’s interesting. You see what they’re doing, don’t you? They see that ISIS is a threat that is perceived as real by the rest of the world. They jumped on the band wagon to try and justify their gov’t (See, we’re with the rest of the world doing our part and saving the universe?) and it’s hard to argue (actually it’s easy to argue, but no one will listen, so it’s “justified”). They have gotten their validation from that issue. So, they’ve seen this and now are turning the rest of their issues around to match this by comparison – hence the Green Party becomes like ISIS. Somewhere someone in a dark back room has decided to make their gov’t about terrorist fighting and they will categroize everything they can this way (their linchpin) – make it black and white by comparing it to ISIS. That is actually why they have been talking up terrorism – to give it more status, so they can come across as the gov’t who cares and is on top of the major issues.

        They must be desparate because the outcome of the ISIS situation is guess work at best. World interference may very well strengthen the group.(Backlash against collateral damage). The ISIS comparison has some chilling similarities to what Hitler did. He used hatred as a weapon and applied it to any group that dared disagree with him. Sound familiar?

        Well, I hope things work out for you and the Greens Jenni. We have a respectable Green Party here in Canada and they do OK in popular vote – about 4% – but because we have a first past the post system they only got 1 seat. By percent of pop vote they should have about 12 seats but our election system is screwy. Our current gov’t won 53% of seats (majority)with considerably less than half the pop vote (39%).They are not representative but that seems irrelevant to everyone.

        I have a lot of respect for any party that holds to it’s principles Jenni. This could be an opportunity for your Party to add members as Abbott is upsetting many around his environmental policies (which amount to sell the environment to big business). But first you have to get the Swastika off your back that Abbott is busy putting there. Good Luck.

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      • It’s not the green party that he’s accusing of being terrorists its those who protest the expansion of Abbott Point Coal terminal and other things. The Fight for the Reef campaign, Market Forces Divestment [pushing for divestment in fossil fuels] and GetUp who fund campaigns against environmental damage to important sites [among other things]. That’s who he’s declaring terrorists, which leads to federal police presence at climate rallies etc. As an active member of all three groups I find it a little disturbing. He made this comment not to the press [although he did later] he made it in a speech in parliament and called on the new National Security protocols to apply to protesters like myself.


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