Spin Doctoring this Saturday – Tony Tries to Wag the Dog

Response to OppressionYou’ll have to excuse the possible mis-spellings in this post as I’m currently shaking in fear due to the increase in the Terror Threat by our illustrious leader.  Being highly gullible I’ve spent most of the night digging a shelter in the back yard and will now make a tunnel from said shelter to the house so as to make for a quick escape route.  OK OK I’m just kidding – do they really expect us to fall for this rubbish?

Do they really believe we’ll just fall in line and forget the past twelve months because we are afraid of a bogeyman that they created. We’ve seen this before – from the left and the right, in this country and others around the world and we cannot let our personal political views blind us to a problem that is getting bigger by the day.

History has shown again and again when a government has problems at home the best way to distract the populace is to create an enemy.  Frighten people enough and they will surrender anything for the illusion of safety.  It appears that Abbott is prepared to test the ground with this idea and the timing is more than a little suspicious.

After weeks of getting hammered in the press, after being spanked by the World Heritage Body regarding the request to de-list protected areas of the Tasmanian forest for logging and more recently found guilty of over 150 crimes against humanity by the UN in regards to asylum seekers it is obvious the government is in trouble.  The LNP with Abbott at its helm has been falling in the polls so fast there is a grave danger of  some of them experiencing the bends.  Add to that the ongoing bloodbath with the ICAC that has seen 10 LNP state politicians and one senator found guilty of accepting bribes, oops I mean donations, from those who are banned from donating to political parties due to possible blurring of lines and  we can see that this government is in crisis not just in the polls but within its own ranks and with the legal system itself.

This PR shot released by the PM's office is meant to show a strong determined front in the face of terror - pity that Abbot just looks smug at the idea of playing Churhill

This PR shot released by the PM’s office is meant to show a strong determined front in the face of terror – pity that Abbot just looks smug at the idea of playing Churchill

All this is happening alongside overwhelming protest from Australians creating a massive backlash over the budget, the changes to renewable energy as well as attempts to re-introduce Work Choices under a different banner.

So suddenly in a Wag the Dog move we have Tony Abbott backed by ASIO [who couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery but  expects us to accept their word on national security] coming out with statements designed to raise fear amongst the population but if listened to actually gives us no new information AT ALL.  An interesting article by The AIM Network, Terror Alert or Political Stunt, makes a good point:

The Prime Minister says there is no specific intelligence that tells us an imminent terrorist attack is likely, so what is the purpose of the announcement? “What we do have is intelligence that there are people with the intent and the capability to mount attacks,” he said. So what is new about that? We have always known that. You only have to go back and have a look at some of the news broadcasts of 2001 and 2002 to see that.

So while I may have been joking in my opening statement I must admit that I am more than a little afraid.  Not of this production being waged in a vain attempt to bolster the LNP in the polls but for what else it may be used for.  When people are scared they are more likely to be compliant to just about any measure as long as you can promise AND provide security for them.  Just what is it that the LNP are planning for us or attempting to hide from us.  The past week has felt like a scene from the amazing political satire/parody Wag the Dog where they spin doctored a war, or I should say the appearance of a war, to deflect from the sexual misconduct of the president 11 days prior to the election.  I cannot recommend this movie enough although considering recent events it may be worth watching as a How to Spot the Spin for the average voter.  It is also a wonderful addition to the Weekend Funny Challenge.

12 thoughts on “Spin Doctoring this Saturday – Tony Tries to Wag the Dog

  1. You can see the news conference now. Abbott, all shiny suit and smug smile. ‘We’re joining a coalition of the good to invade Syria to prevent these terrorists coming home and saving you good voters’. Like tony Blair and his WMD. Happy days Jenni. In a way I’m glad we are going through the neverendum on Scottish independence here. At least it means our politicians are distracted from bombing somewhere sandy and dry for a while.

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    • Well here they’re trying to incite panic to distract us from the corruption hearing that is currently blitzing the LNP – I just hope to goddess that the US doesn’t send troops somewhere since Abbot won’t do that on his own. If the US does go ahead he’ll use it as excuse and as proof re the terror crap. Australia is one of the few countries in the world where it doesn’t require a majority vote in parliament to go to war. The Prime Minister can make that choice all on his little lonesome.


      • Grim. Even here where they clarified the need for a vote on war after the Blair debacle, Cameron announced last week that he doesn’t need Parliamentary approval for bombing ISIL. So in truth unless we ‘declare’ war he can do pretty much everything and come back and say why later. Democracy, hey? Sometimes it sucks.


  2. Sounds like Abbott’s government is quickly becoming unsustainable Jenni. Picking up speed on a down hill run with no brakes and a concrete wall at the bottom. So to speak. ha! Don’t ya love the old “There’s terrorists out there….somewhere.” line. Hmmm, no kidding, so what’s for lunch? We got that when our gov’t wanted to buy American F-35 fighters jets : “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming.” Yep, have been for 75 years now and haven’t arrived yet. And besides the jets you want us to buy? they only have one engine and you can’t run them over the Arctic, which is where the Russians are supposedly coming from. Next story?

    I think Abbott has run out of steam when he is tryng to use scare tactics to distract the voters. Perhaps some time in the near future, looking back, you will be able to sit back with a glass of wine beside a nice fire and reminisce that this was the moment when the end of Abbott’s politcal career began in earnest. From this point it was only a matter of days before the complete collapse of his gov’t. ha! Heartwarming thought, isn’t it?

    Great post Jenni. Thank You.

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    • We just got word that Abbott is committing forces overseas to back up the US. Even I didn’t think he’d move this fast but he’s most likely pushing the issue so as to avoid answering to the Senate. Well we’ll just have to see what happens.


      • Yeah, apparently Canada just committed forces as well and we didn’t go into Iraq the last few times. There was no discussion here either. It seems to me that the gov’ts of the world are taking this ISIS very seriously and are mobilizing very fast and quietly. Maybe because it is crossing borders so quickly and easily.and growing so fast. I’ve never seen as quick and quiet mobilization of international forces before – usually the politicians are discussing and yelling and beating their desks (and chests) – not this time. They troops are just going – no discussion. It may be that Abbott is just following the lead this time. And our media is being very quiet about it too. And they will usually jump on even an errant fart if it’s news wothy.It may be possible that Abbott may, upon occassion be doing the right thing.

        I don’t like Abbott’s politics and you’ve seen that here, so I’m not making excuses for him. This ISIS seems like a very powerful and threatening force for evil (and I don’t use that word often either) boiling to the surface very quickly. If their public (and videoed) beheading of hundreds at a time of those who won’t follow them is any indication, their unseen activiies must be horrendous. And they are of many mnay nationalities with only violent islamic terrorism as a common force. Not good.

        I think I might give Abbott a pass on this one (but only this one), especailly when you Aussies may be covering our Canadian asses. Ha! Thank you.

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