Sally Forth on Saturday

This clip is courtesy of UpVines and is a wonderful addition to the animal fun for this weekend.  This horse had the owners of the stables fooled.  A number of horses kept going missing and being found down the road or in a different paddock than that of the stables.  It was so bad that local teenagers were accused of pulling pranks and questioned in the matter.  However it wasn’t until the owners decided to place camera’s at different points all over the property that they discovered just who the malefactor really was.  Well we started this weekend with a Prevaricating Panda so it seems right to move along to a Houdini Horse.  I hope you enjoy the antics of this very clever equine I know it tickled my funny bone.

6 thoughts on “Sally Forth on Saturday

  1. Love it!! Beautiful horses & animals are just so smart – more than we real ever know! I haven’t see the Panda video yet – I’m behind on reading again – going to check it out now! Have a great weekend, Jenni!!

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