Friday On My Mind – Weekend Funny Reminder

thank-god-its-friday-2Well folks it’s Friday here in the land of Oz and time to begin winding down after the working week.  For those of you on the other side of the pond cheer up Friday will be there soon enough.  For those of you who are working over the weekend [myself included] try to take some time to have a little fun over the weekend.  It is on that note I wish to remind everyone that the Weekend Funny Challenge is still up and running despite the fact the I have been Missing In Action recently.

There’s been so many things happening around the world this week, the good and the bad but I found one story that just simply made me smile with delight.

AH HIN - image courtesy of IFLScience and Chenga research Centre

Ai Hin – image courtesy of IFLScience and Chengdu Research Centre

A very clever little Panda has been pulling the wool over the eyes of the The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Center in China.  It appears that it is often quite difficult to tell medically if a Panda is pregnant due to limited chemical or hormone results early on.

Generally it seems that the only way to determine if a Panda is pregnant is by the way they act.  Once a female shows symptoms she is removed to luxury quarters with extra food and 24 hour care BUT it seems that some of them have learnt how to fake these symptoms so as to receive extra attention and food.  According to IFLScience the female Ai Hin started:

demonstrating behaviors that she was pregnant, she was moved into a private, air-conditioned room where she receive constant care from staff. She was also given better food, including fruit, buns, and bamboo. After living the good life for a couple of months, the breeding center’s staff discovered that Ai Hin was actually faking the pregnancy.

laughter as a trankAfter reading this I decided [once I picked myself up from the floor where I fell laughing like a loon]that this weekends theme will be devoted to stories, pictures or songs about animals that have made you smile, laugh or roll on the floor to the embarrassment of your friends.

They can be cartoons, memes, pet stories or human interest such as here with our very cheeky panda Ai Hin.  So share the laughter with everyone and see what others have in store for you.  For those who don’t know the drill all you have to do is respond to at least one post in the Weekend Funny Challenge.  When you post your own stories include the URL for the Weekend Funny Challenge Page or if you want send it to me and I will post it here and include a link back to your site so that everyone can go visit and see what you’re up to.

I’ve been feeling a little flashbacky music wise recently so I think I’ll finish up with a blast from the past and let the Easy Beats take us all into the weekend.  Look forward to seeing you contributions this weekend and for all of you who are in one of the cities for the March in Australia on the 31st good luck and I’ll be seeing you soon.

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