Snickering This Sunday

I have to admit when it comes to stand-up Robin Williams is a favorite of mine.  In his show Weapons of Self Destruction he covers everything from politics to the design of the human body.  Trying to watch the entire hour and a half leaves you in need of medical attention due to the fact that continual laughing has pulverized your internal organs until they are something resembling a slushie.  His show finishes with an amazing six minutes of the difference in gender design and the possible committee meetings that went into it it.  I felt it was the perfect way to conclude my contributions to this weekend’s challenge although I will be keeping an eye out for others until the weekend is officially over on both sides of the pond. [This clip is courtesy of RobWillSelfDestruct]

14 thoughts on “Snickering This Sunday

  1. He’s always been a favourite of mine as well – back in his drug-addled younger days to his very hyper current incarnate. His guest show on the American Whose Line is it Anyways? was fantastic.


    • I remember watching his stand up show – live at the met and then the one a few years later. Both were hysterical but one was during drugs/alcohol and the the other after it. Both were brilliant but I must admit that his wit got a hell of a lot sharper without the aid of chemicals.


      • It certainly did. He’s one of those guys that kind of sickens me. He just seems like he could do whatever he wanted to. Like Michael Palin from Monty Python fame. Funny, a great writer and documentary producer/host/guide. Just genius really.


      • I know BUT is does suffer from bi-polar with addiction issues so there is a price for that kind of creative genius. However I know what you mean, even as an actor it’s not enough that he can do comedic roles but he can also play serious characters with a depth that is surprising considering his tendency to flippancy in his stand-up.


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