Abducted By Aliens – Well Not Quite


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Hi folks – I’m back and in one piece [last time I checked anyway] despite feeling that I’ve been caught up in some ever expanding work vortex. Honestly it feels as if I haven’t put two feet on Terra Firma for nearly a fortnight if not longer but gotta say it’s been one hell of a ride. Β Between a flood of work coming from a number of different sources, preparing for tutoring and marking for the coming Semester and having house guests, one after the other, I’m not sure exactly what planet I’m standing on.

I’ve got a number of pieces lined up for the next few days since things have gotten ‘interesting’ here in the land of Oz, plus I have an HUGE amount of reading to catch up on and visits to numerous other blogs that I have missed in the past month but I wanted to drop a quick post here to let you know that I haven’t been abducted by aliens. Β Well at least I’m pretty sure I haven’t been, after all this could all be some dream wired into my subconscious to keep me compliant BUT if that were the case I don’t think I’d feel quite this tired or as frazzled as I’ve felt recently.

adieuSo working on the assumption that I’m me, you’re all you and the world still continues to turn as it has for these past millennium I’ll say adieu until this evening. Β There are a number of things that I need to finish by the end of business today but once they’re out of the way I will actually have some breathing room for about two weeks, which will hopefully give me the chance to catch up with all of your blogs.

See you this evening for the Oz Update and thank you to everyone who visited here while I was caught up elsewhere, it means a great deal to know that I was a little missed, especially since I missed everyone myself.

24 thoughts on “Abducted By Aliens – Well Not Quite

  1. Of course you were missed Jenni! Welcome Back! You have always struck me as someone who fought for what she believed in. That being said, I know that reality seems to come in waves – it is not nice and normalized as it is in large corporations. You have to respond and interact when the time is right, not the time of your choosing. I just assimed that such a wave had engulfed you temporarily – I can see your head sticking out of the wave now. Ha! πŸ˜€ No doubt as it passes you will emerge in toto. Here’s a burrito to munch on in case you’re hungry. 🌯 We eagerly await the war stories that no doubt kept you busy. And a bear in case you’ve been lonely. 🐻


    • Now how did you know I was hungry and a burrito is just what I wanted – very nice πŸ˜€ Will e-see you later this evening once I finish up for the day here in the real world. Looking forward to catching up with everyone πŸ˜€


    • Well I’m back and with a semblance of a routine or at least in the vicinity of one and should be able to spend a little more time writing for myself rather than work.


  2. Glad to see the email for your daily digest in my inbox this morning and glad you have just been busy rather than unwell. I had popped over to your blog a few days ago, thinking that maybe there had been a malfunction so that I wasn’t getting notices from you any more. Looking forward to reading your posts as you get back in the groove.


    • Thanks – work just exploded for awhile there but it seems like I have a handle on it now – cross fingers. I’ve just finished the Oz update for my first back in the saddle post so I’ll wait to see what people have to say about it before I get too comfy being back. πŸ˜€


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