I’m Back

images (5)Yes I’m back and not just in the corporeal sense either.  I’ve been absent this past week due to a strange confluence of events. My husband and I managed to have a house guest [his father], both of us sick AND the offer of 3 paid freelance writing jobs for me ME all at once.

To top that I was then contacted by the university here in Mackay and asked if I was interested in work as a tutor for the distance education students in second year – 50 next semester and 100 in the one following.

So I was in a flurry of updating CV’s, researching who I would be writing for, spending inordinate time in the toilet and trying to play hostess all at once. This I’m afraid left little time for catching up with everyone online, although I have missed my daily visits here.

1386358543_broken-glass.jpg2.jpg3Back to what I meant in my first sentence however – I’m Back.  For the first time in years I can feel the hum of energy that comes from being content and busy all at once.

My mind is finally firing on all cylinders again [about time] and it seems my inner self has come to a kind of understanding with itself and for the first that I can remember I am actually at rest.  The timing couldn’t be better as one of the freelance pieces is with a major publication here in Australia and I will need to be at my best to deliver.

images (6)I have been working toward this for a while now but didn’t expect paid jobs to start coming in at an increased rate for at least another six months so as I said to my son I’m caught between seriously excited and wanting to hide under the bed with the cat.

So instead of hiding under the bed I’ve decided to go with excited and pleased without falling over the edge into pure panic [a good choice I believe] and as part of that I’ll be back here each day at Unload and Unwind as a way of taking a step back from everything else that is going on around me.  Look forward to seeing you all soon.

25 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. There’s not much clearance under the bed. Your cat may fight you for space. The other thing that pops to mind is that I hope that activity on top of the bed doesn’t get too wild or the kitty could be bruised. Ha! Congrats on your jobs. Hopefully you can multitask and work while sitting on the toilet. Ha! Welcome Back! We missed you!


    • Thanks – hopefully toilet multitasking will not be needed any longer – blah – felt awful!!! As for the bed I think the cat would win – her claws seem to be sharper than mine, although that is the bed in the spare room but I just know if I hide under our bed she’d try and move there too. I’m going to try and catch up on some reading of other blogs tonight as I am sooo far behind my email box is rather overcrowded. Chat soon. Jenni xx


  2. I love that feeling – roaring forward with re-found energy and just enough fear to keep it interesting. Hooray for you!


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