Weekend Challenge – Rik Mayall Tribute

rik-mayallThe sad news of the passing of Rik Mayall this week has left a hole in the heart of a number of British comedy fans.  Mayall rose to fame in 1982 playing one of four students sharing a house in hit sitcom The Young Ones and went on to enjoy a slew of classic roles, as mean-spirited Conservative politician Alan B’stard in The New Statesman and as arrogant Lord Flashheart in Rowan Atkinson’s comedy Blackadder. [The Australian]

He was one of my favorite comics as well as a talented actor, in fact I have always wanted to see him play the devil as I believe he would have made a wonderful Beelzebub.  So I have decided to devote this weekends funny challenge to various clips from throughout his career.  So polish up your memories and add your favorites to the list.  You know the procedure, respond to at least one post in the challenge and include the URL from the Weekend Funny Challenge Page so that others can visit your site to view your contribution.  If you have trouble with this just send me the link to what you want posted and I’ll put it up with a link back to your site. This piece is a segment from The New Statesman – Part One, I hope you enjoy it as much I as did.

18 thoughts on “Weekend Challenge – Rik Mayall Tribute

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  2. I adored the Young Ones and have caught a few of the Blackadder episodes. This morning I watched the song they did with Cliff Richard. He was my favourite. Glad to see you back Jenni. Take care. 🙂


  3. It is indeed sad news he was a very talented comic and I loved him too my favourite was in Bottom set in a dreadful flat in Hammersmith he
    and Ade Edmonds were so good together. Well as Rick’s character in Bottom would of said, sctewing up his nose “Awe nice now fu** off”
    Will post something later.have a good weekend.

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