Closing Out the Weekend

Well it’s already Monday here in the land of Oz but it is a public holiday so some allowances can be made for the extension of the weekend funny challenge.  Also factoring in the whole earth axis principle which means that on the other side of the pond it is still Sunday in some places.  I thought I finish out this challenge and lead into the new week with something just a little different.

This image comes to us from Morris & Sons and it’s a hoot and a half.  You would think that there is no one on this planet who could appear so utterly intimidating, cool yet with a hint of evil while knitting – well you’d be wrong.  Ladies and gentlemen Christopher Walken promotes knitting and if you find it funny [which I do shhh…] then I suggest never, ever mentioning the fact – I certainly don’t plan to.



12 thoughts on “Closing Out the Weekend

    • Hmpf – that man scare me silly and I KNOW it’s an act but he does it reeeeealy well. He’s got lots of big name movies under his belt but my favorites are the Prophecy series where he plays the Archangel Gabriel – the one’s about the war in heaven and those angels who don’t think humans deserve to go there. Christopher Walken is awesome and utterly derisive when he talks to US talking monkey’s.

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      • Ahhh I see. Now when she passes and Prince Charles
        Take over will they change the birthday to his day? Enlighten me.


      • No it’s just a designated day so the holiday will remain the same but it will be the Kings Birthday. Even though we are no longer part of the British Empire we are still a part of the Commonwealth and for some reason still celebrate the Royal birthday with a public holiday.


      • In Canada we call it Victoria Day and we celebrate it on the closest weekend to May 24. It is an odd but welcome holiday because it falls just at the beginning of the warm weather opening summer and is euphemistically called May two four day in honor of the 24 pack of beer that many purchase to celebrate the occassion.


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