Word Games for the Weekend Challenge

humorous-quotes-5Thank you Humorous Quotes and Favimages for this hilarious little word game.  Try it out and let me know how you went – I failed first time through and when I saw why I laughed my self silly.

15 thoughts on “Word Games for the Weekend Challenge

  1. I got three wrong, but only two were dirty (penis and sex — for “f__k” I actually thought “funk”). But I think it’s because I’ve seen it several times before and my brain has finally become adjusted to seeing the non-dirty words right off the bat. (Every other time I saw it, up until now, I still immediately thought the dirty words and had to think for a sec about the “right” answers.)


  2. Yep, you caught me! I’m embarrassed. I read a research paper some years ago that dealt with exactly the same topic as your test. They found some amazing info. First of all, most readers can figure out a word if they have the right first and last letters and the vowels are correct. The internal letters can be mixed up and it does not affect the understanding of the word. Words with multiple possible meanings can be sussed out from context. As the test article progressed and the context became more clear, the ability to get the word right rose considerably. The vast majority of the readers got a comprehensive understanding of the article when as many as 50% of the words were spelled wrong. That being said, I would hypothesize that the reason many of us got many of the words wrong was the surmised context. You see Jenni we were expecting a dirty context given what we all have read from you on previous posts – so this is all your fault! Hahaha! 😀 How do ya like me now? Have a great wekend!


    • Hey I failed straight off too – and laughed myself silly since the reason I did was because it was a meme I assumed it was rude. Have a great weekend yourself. 😀


  3. I got the whole bloody lot wrong, dirty-minded mare that I am! Easy peasy until I hit number five and couldn’t find a genital in it!!! Instead of thinking I was wrong, I assumed the letters were! Hmmm! Says it all! Great game! xxx


    • You to – I laughed myself silly when I realized the trick but good to know plenty of us with our mind in the gutter out there – I know of only one person so far this weekend who said Books for number 1.


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