A Solemn Thought for Saturday

hypocricayThank you to Asylum Seeker Resource Center here in Australia for this quote.

I find it apt considering the circumstances surrounding the current budget and even more so considering the resources you provide that should be provided by our government.  So thank you for this quote and thank you for the work that you do.

14 thoughts on “A Solemn Thought for Saturday

  1. There was an appalling article on the NPR feeder clearly written by a clueless person who believed themselves to be a “champion” of the poor yet whose privileged status and ignorance betrayed him, he seemed to think the fact that “poor” people having televisions was profound and “okay.” Poor people are allowed joy and it is a marathon and you learn to find joy where you can even if at times it means owning something that “rich” people feel you are not entitled to, as if not owning a television will solve all your financial woes. Truly a stupid article. Thank you for the quote, it helped.

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    • Yes it is difficult for those who don’t understand the idea of paying the phone bill or the electricity bill or paying a little of each over time. They can’t understand the grind of it, always balancing if you do one thing you can’t do another.


  2. I was incensed this morning when I read a letter to the editor saying how dare the welfare recipients complain about paying the co-payment. They recieve all this money from the government yet pay no taxes a $7 contribution should be welcomed by them.(my paraphrasing – it was a deal longer and more accusatory to the needy than this.) I wish I could give the writer the above quote and a kick up the backside.

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  3. Reblogged this on Top of JC's Mind and commented:
    This is from an Austrailian blogger whom I follow. The Wilde quote applies across many times and places, including now in the US with rising poverty and income inequality while rich individuals and corporations don’t pay their fair share in taxes and receive subsidies and other tax breaks. Meanwhile, cuts are made to needed assistance for housing, food, education, and other services for the low- and middle-income folks.

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    • It applies in too many places now and that is a huge problem – Australia has managed a balance between left and right social policy for a long time but now this government seems determined to take us to the far right and build an economy mirroring the worst of the US policies and problems.


  4. Jenni, I so appreciate your posts. And especially yesterday at the Guthirie (in Minneapolis) when I saw “My Countiy’s Good.” Having visited Port Arthur also helped to bring the message home. I hope I’ll have time to blog about it today after a very busy weekend.


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