Friday Reminder for this Weekends Challenge

water torture

Just one drip at a time

Ever had one of those weeks where you’re not quite sure why but everything goes just slightly wrong.  Not hugely wrong, no major setbacks but one minor irritation or error after the other until the whole week begins to resemble some sort of living Chinese Water Torture, drip/drop at a time.

Well if you haven’t, be REALLY glad and if you too recognize the weariness that borders on wanting to curl up in a corner and make yourself small for a while then I’ve found a lovely little piece of advice in the image below.

The Random Acts of Kindness page has some wonderful images but this just struck me as not only a good piece of advice but also as rather amusing as I had visions of myself standing in the middle of a discussion, that takes a turn I didn’t predict, yelling PLOT TWIST before going on with the chat.

Plot twist

Image Courtesy of Random Acts of Kindness


As such I thought it would be the perfect way to slide into this Weekends Funny Challenge and remind you to polish up your stories, satires, sallies and ditties as after the long working week I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people out there who could use a laugh.

So rules of the game – you must respond to at least one post from myself or a contributor, when you write your piece include the URL from the Weekend Funny Challenge Page here at Unload and Unwind, which will create a ping-back and allow others to go back to your site to read the contribution.

Hope you all have a good Friday and I look forward to seeing what comes up in the land of funny this weekend.  See you all soon.

14 thoughts on “Friday Reminder for this Weekends Challenge

  1. Sounds great to me, Jenni. Sorry to hear that you have had one of those weeks. I have as well – and so have several people I know. I am beginning to wonder what is going on at the planetary level. I’ll see what I can hoick out for the challenge. Can it be rehashed old stuff? xxx

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    • Absolutely – I may be doing a bit of a re-run myself this weekend as I’m working on a piece about how we stole Australia from the indigenous people for reconciliation week.


  2. Unexpected visitors, my dog had a fight with a swan (no one was injured thank god but max is now terrified of going for a walk), the grill pan set on fire, max needed a bath after going crazy and swimming in the canal, and the candles fell over into melted chocolate on top of a birthday cake I had made.. Just some of the highlights of my week… I know how you feel. Bring on the funny 🙂

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  3. Here at my side the week started off very slow – I just could not start working on something. I was away for a week to help my mother packed to move to a smaller place to stay and another week was spending sorted out all the things she gave me and try sorted our little house – so two weeks of not doing sewing. Luckily as the week progressed I started to work and this morning we took two Messenger Bags and some Mug Rugs and Coatsers to a shop that sells it for us. The week didn’t end to badly for me.

    Enjoy your weekend and I hop next week is a better one for you.


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