The Times Are A’Changin’

joe hockey in student days

Image courtesy of Tony Abbott Village Idiot

My my what a difference a few years make in a persons attitudes and outlooks.  Our beloved Treasurer Joe Hockey who is currently berating students for protesting against further increases in the cost of higher education is finding himself hoist on his own petard.

One would think a person would remember strenuously advocating for the right to a FREE university education [which is what he received] when they were a student themselves.  But I suppose it is yet another example of the incredible hypocrisy of this government and their continued denial of the promises made upon which they made their election platform. Calling students who are protesting today leaners and slackers seems a little too hypocritical even for him.



6 thoughts on “The Times Are A’Changin’

    • The whole things makes me sick but this man calling for even higher HECS contributions was the same man who was complaining about paying $250 in fees back in 1987. At that point he was in his final year of study and didn’t pay anything AT ALL for his degree – HECS etc didn’t come into play until 1988.


  1. I remember Joe Hockey being interviewed post 2007 election and him implying that some legislation (under Howard) had gone too far and that the country had spoken. At the time I admired his honesty at openly criticizing his own party and its policies. That admiration has now gone up in a puff of smoke.
    (Literally I might add, because that image of him smoking the cigar while telling people to give up their two beers for the GP co-payment still angers me).


    • Yes – he’s killed his career aligning himself with Abbott and this budget. I don’t really care as he has spent a long time convincing people that deep down he has integrity and now that mask is gone. It’s a bit hard to claim hard but honest when you’re tripping over the lies every time you turn around.


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