Maudlin on Monday

douglas adams

The past weeks since the reading of the budget here in Australia has NOT been uneventful but still despite the furore and shock from previous devoted LNP supporters I just can’t quite feel as glad as I should.  I think the reason for that is – Australia voted this man and his government into power in the first place.

Now they are shocked when he acts as he has always acted, with steadfast denial to current events, the desire to return to a time which never truly existed anyway and with disregard to all who he sees beneath him, and trust me he thinks most of us are.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe people can change it is more that we seem so disinclined to learn and when I saw this quote by Douglas Adams on IFLScience it struck me that this is what was bothering me the most.  We are not stupid yet we continually avoid using the cerebral cortex and rely solely on the hind brain response which really isn’t the best method of going through life or making decisions.  I am encouraged by the amount of debate and ongoing effort that is being put into changing the situation and the fact that it grows each day rather than fading away over time.

images (1)However I fear that given enough time and suitable rhetoric people will forget the danger of listening to those who say only what wishes to be heard and we will be facing another similar situation in the future. I hope not, I hope that upcoming generations have lost enough, learnt enough and are aware enough to look below the surface of things.

If you wish to predict how something/someone will behave you need to understand it and that means before making a decision look into the past actions/behaviors of the person in question, evaluate how they have behaved and why [as the why can make a huge difference] and from there it is usually possible to extrapolate future actions in similar situations.  It was Marcus Aurelius the Roman emperor  famous for his treatise on First Principals which is still taught today that first [that we know of] penned these thoughts.

13 thoughts on “Maudlin on Monday

    • Not the point – the point is we don’t learn from our mistakes which is why we keep electing people who offer quick fix solutions because it seem easier than accepting we might have to change things.


  1. At least it looks as if Hockey won’t be leader after his reputation has been tarnished. Let’s hope the Senate stands in their way and these laws are discarded. We could be up for an early election….


  2. I wish I thought we’d be up for an early election, but it seems to me more likely that the senate will water down the worst of the injustices, life will go on, and unless voters do suddenly develop the ability to evaluate and extrapolate – and unless the Labour Party gets its act together – Abbott and his cohorts will gallop off into the neo-conservative sunset dragging Austalia behind them.


  3. Brilliant Douglas Adams’ quote. Having the same micro (at work) and macro (UK politics) issues with people taking their clever human brains offline, won’t even suggest YOU to do the same. This has happened many, many times before, round and round the garden like a teddy bear. Not positive conclusion but it makes sense to deal with hindbrain thinking by b****hslapping it up the side of the head. Soon after a friend of mine came through a cancer scare, he found somebody trying to drive his car away. The guy looked at him, gave him a grin and kept going. My friend hit him until he ran off. I think he was right. Keep saying the words.


    • It is tempting to go with the whole whack upside the head approach to those who refuse to see that we are repeating our mistakes over and over again.


  4. They were last on my ballot sheet. Knew there was no way in hell I wanted Abbott as the leader of the country given his colourful past with saying (muttering slowly, with many pauses and stammers) stupid crap.

    But hey, it’s providing me great entertainment to see those complain now (but of course, they voted Labor… haha)


  5. I am so enjoying and appreciating this series — and can so identify with your discouragement. I want to share two magazines that keep me going with the not-so-widely publicized news of what’s happening among the “little-but-powerful people.” “Yes,” and “Ode.” If you try them, you might like them. Or maybe you already know them


  6. I haven’t a clue what your governments budget looks like but it can’t be any worse than ours way over here…


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