Abbott does Rocky Horror in Dammit Abbott

dammit abbott


The second clip that I have for this Weekends Funny Challenge is wonderful but as Mike Carlton pointed out in his article in WAToday it is not as important as the real issue here and that is the budget.  As he wrote:

But in the grand scheme of things the wink doesn’t matter a hill of beans. It is this rapacious and incompetent budget that is the real issue.  As the numbers are crunched and crunched again it becomes ever more obvious that it’s the poor and the weak who are taking the biggest hit. Single parents. Low paid families with school-age children. The disabled. The young unemployed. University students. Pensioners and the chronically ill. Indigenous children in remote areas. The list goes on, a roll call of shameful unfairness.  

Still is it the weekend and this clip is utterly hilarious and I think considering the shredding I have been giving this government recently a short visit to the comedic side of things will not distract me from the fact that Abbott and his government are not just food for comedy but dangerous to the future of this country.  So sit back and enjoy Dammit’ Abbott:

8 thoughts on “Abbott does Rocky Horror in Dammit Abbott

  1. Liar Liar, pants on fire … beauty! And the ciggies, Winless Blues (my Mr R barracks for Carlton). I better watch it again for other sight gags I might have missed. LOL


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