A Final Thought For Friday

As we slide into TGIF mode I think my order of business this weekend is to make like the frog in this wonderful image that my friend Tashi Witekauha had up on her page.

I will be taking up this sage’s advice over the next few days and immerse myself in a little frivolous fun with the Weekend Challenge and TRY to leave behind the ire of this previous fortnight behind me.

In fact I’m pretty sure that this frog is THE font of ALL WISDOM and as such I will try to avoid spending too much time on my budget revenue vs spending alternatives post and just make like the frog this weekend.

nap like a frog

12 thoughts on “A Final Thought For Friday

    • Excelletn clip it was so cute – well my next post is a nice clip of a relaxing walk in the Australian Rain forest so you can have a listen and hear the animals sing. 😀


      • It occured to me as an after thought, that the man in the clip who was seeing $$$ signs looked suspiciously like Abbott. What do you think?


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