A Little More Whimsy This Wednesday


Sometimes you just need to Imagine and this clip using the artwork of Pablo Stanley that was featured on Spirit Science and Metaphysics is a wonderful interpretation of this classic piece of music.

A song that calls to what can unite rather than what divides us.

This clip is courtesy of All Random and More

24 thoughts on “A Little More Whimsy This Wednesday

  1. I did never hear Jesus Christ mentioned in this song. That being the case, I know for a surety that what this singer is trying to say is impossible to happen. Unfortunately.


    • It’s the idea of not needing to argue over the rights and wrongs of religion, race and gender because each have their place in this world. It will only be possible if people are prepared to accept the possibility that their beliefs are the one and only truth in this world. Sadly more people are interested in being right than being compassionate, in proving a point instead of living a life devoted to the ideals they wish others to accept.


      • It is true, Jenni, but the world needs to hear both about the compassion and the truth of God. That is why we must tell people about the salvation that is only through faith in Jesus Christ. Anything outside of this truth will lead to the destruction of people’s souls. But, as you say, we must do this with compassion in our hearts, which very thing I also am very eager to do.


      • I’m glad – I have a great respect for those who are true follows of the teachings of Christ as opposed to those who condemn those who are different. My faith is a different path but I believe that we are all walking the road to our salvation and in the end the salvation of this world. I hold those who carry their faith in the heart and in the actions in high esteem except when they use it as an excuse to deride the beliefs of others. It sounds as if your faith gives you great joy and I am glad that you have found such in a world where so many are so angry. Bright Blessings on you always.


      • The problem is it’s risky being a dreamer. You land up assassinated or in prison… Nelson Mandela…


      • I’m to practical to be a Dreamer – I’m an instigator and we know how to start trouble as well as stay out of the line of fire.


      • Dreamers dream – I take those dreams and give them form and direction or at least I try to. I have ideals but am not naive, don’t think I ever have been really. Growing up in a political household knocks the naivety out of one pretty quickly.


      • A report just came out saying the glaciers are done for… Soon they will be gone.. Watch the temps rise…. The conservatives and our republicans tell people don’t worry… Meanwhile they are building their underground bunkers…


  2. I have to say Jenni that I can’t see how this universe could be the way it is unless there is a supreme being. I do agree with you that too often religion is used to judge others and exclude – both of which are forbidden in most scriptures. Personally, I am very wary of all religions as man made organizations. However I do have a great deal of Faith that there is an omnipotent supreme being. I find Lennon’s Imagine to be compatible with the world I see around me only in terms of life beyond death – what it will look like when we have left this world and it’s exclusive religions behind. In fact, I find it a strong statement that there is a benevolent supreme being – obviously the opposite of what Lennon intended. The very fact that we could all co-exist in peace when there are such disparate cultures and beliefs, to me suggests a unifying force, a commonality that goes beyond the physical: that is to say evidence of a supreme being. In that regard, “Imagine” is very beautiful. That being said, I think it is unrealistic and working from a unsupportable premise , to belive it is possible in this physical world without a supreme being.


    • My faith is strong, somewhat unconventional but my family has practiced the Old Religion [Path of the Lady] for generations [mother to daughter]. It argues that all paths lead us to an understanding of the universe, our place in it and the power from whence it all came.

      I believe that all gods/goddesses are the one being they simply have been given different aspects by different people so that they find something that calls to them. Until we understand that each persons journey toward an understanding of a higher power is merely the path they choose to take to get there we will continue to fight, a type of religious one-up-man-ship you could say. Only no one ever wins but much damage is caused along the way.

      The primary law I operate under is ‘do as thou wilt so long as ye harm none’. Sounds simple but part of that is coming to understand what harm is and how that understanding of cause, effect and the balance needed to to walk this road. It’s an ongoing lesson that changes, shrinks and expands as we pass through life.

      While I have great respect for those who follow a more rigid path I have issue with the concept of being given a list of do’s and don’ts. In being told to accept these without question and my eternal salvation will be assured.

      To me this requires no true understanding of the why things are right or wrong no learning or building within yourself a set of moral and ethical understandings of what it is to live in this world as a good person.

      I’m not perfect, I’ve made some horrible mistakes in my life but the lessons from them have deepened my understanding of what it is to walk a path where we choose our destinies by our actions. I try to be the best person I can be, try to speak out when I see others who hurt, reach out to help when I can but always knowing that I am human and flawed and as such am merely a reflection of the Lady’s grace in this world.

      It’s hard at times and there have been moments when it seems easier just to say OK give me the list again, tell me what to say and then I won’t have to worry about any more emotional or spiritual growth as it has been all worked out for me.

      No thinking required merely acquiescence and yet there is beauty in the struggle to understand what choice we should make at each turn in our lives.


  3. My beliefs align well with yours. I see religion as a set of stairs to reach the supreme being. Each person and group ascends their own stairs (beliefs) to reach a central point or God. That one presence can be described many ways in many faiths but in the end , is all as one. As one gets closer to godliness while ascending the stairs it is only logical that the belief systems should get closer together. When I see religions excluding others or getting further apart in their meaning (if not in rituals), then I’m sure they are dysfunctional and exclusive. And for me “God” is inclusive – I mean given the supreme being created all that is here, I find it difficult to accept any faith that excludes other faiths.

    I too think we create a lot of our lives through our choices and those choices are powered by our intellect and emotions. Beyond that though,there seems to be a framework that supports us and allows us the freedom to make choices. This framework sometimes delivers undesirables to our lives and we have to deal with it. How we handle that also creates oursleves. So, I see our existence as a combination of choice and fate. Ultimately, though, we are a function of our choices.

    Which means that “Imagine” would be removing our choice (and hence humanity) by forcing a positive attitude towards all others. Paradoxically, this would result in a lessening of our humanity.

    Thanks for the trading of beliefs Jenni – I enjoyed it a lot. I knew you were not counted amongst the legions who belonged to the major religions (by your comments) and yet I also knew that it is rare for someone who is as intelligent and inquisitive as you are to not have a faith of some sort. Anyone who truly begins to understand how little we know can’t help but realize there is an larger organizing power supporting/creating what we see around us.


    • I can see where you reach your conclusions about Imagine and even agree with you to a degree. The interpretation I take from it is not one that demands we forgo our opinions or beliefs but that we can imagine a world where those differences are embraced and respected rather than derided and opposed. But at the end of the the choice or free will in this matter is what should drive us and if our choices lead to strife and exclusion then that is the price those who choose that path must accept. It’s just a shame that others must be hurt in the process and it is that which confirms my belief in the concept of ‘do as thou wilt so long as ye harm none’.


      • I agree in principle with ‘do as thou wilt so long as ye harm none’. The problem is that we do “harm” to many every day. For instance I am sure you would like to see Abbott’s political career brough to an end – and he would see that as doing him harm. As another example I used to terminate empoyees for just cause (theft, inability to work with others, lying, habitual lateness, etc.) and they always saw that as doing them harm. Who defines “harm”? That’s the problem I have with actualizing that concept. For that I usually defer to a higher power and try to get a sense of what the greater good would be and follow that. No doubt I am mistaken sometimes but how else can it be addressed? As an example of that, I had a truck driver who worked for me who constantly got into arguments with customers. I spoke with him (and noted these in his file) many times and changed his run to try and find a place for him to fit in. WE were employed by a retail discount chain and the store owners were franchisees and had a lot of authority in the company. They refused to have him in their stores. He was an excellent driver, always on time, treated the equipment with great care, would get any job done he was asked, would do extra runs or overtime without compliant and other than argue was an exemplary emplyee. Unfortunately we only had driving jobs (which is what he wanted to do) that delivered to our stores. After warnings and suspension, I had to terminate him. Apparently doing him harm. I knew of an opportunity where he would only drive nights and do trailer switches with no interaction with others, so I gave him the contact info and an honest reference (including his flaws) and wished him luck. About two months later I heard a knock at my office door and he was standing there. I was a bit taken aback but waved him in. He extended his hand and said” I want to shake your hand and thank you.” Puzzled I shook his hand and he continued: “I got the job that you suggested and I love it. i don’t have to talk to anyone and I never realized how unhappy I was dealing with people. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than I am now.” With that he thanked me again and left me standing there stunned. Apparently the harm I did him by firing him lead him to a better place. And so I try to look out for the greater good in doing no harm, not the immediate results or feelings.


      • What you come to understand about the do no harm part is that harm is inevitable simply because of the differing understandings what you have to do is come to an understanding of what YOU consider harm and if you act then you also take the knowledge of your right is someone else’s wrong.


      • I think i understand what you are saying and yet I have done what I think is “right” even when it was to my own detriment (causing myself harm) in the past. It worked out for the best. So, I guess my idea of “cause no harm” is to try and do that for the greater good. In other words involve a third entity (other than myself and the other) perspective that represents the big picture, the greater good, and try to do no harm on that level. It kind of brings the concept of a supreme being into daily life. It doesn’t always work but, for me, it seems the best way to approach it. it leaves me with a feeling of peace and fulfillment, even of it does hurt sometimes.


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