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These two saying are something I think we need to ponder on.  Given current circumstances here in Australia and indeed world-wide some time must be given to address the why and how it has  come to such a pass in a world that should be able to provide for us all.  How is it that we live in a world where 80% of the resources are consumed by 20% of the population and even within that 20% we face further infighting and greed?  Those in the western world claim to believe in the ideal of equal opportunity for all and yet go out of their way to create a system that does everything to impede those with less and grants little time, thought or funds to those in other countries who are desperately in need of aid. greed 2


14 thoughts on “Musing on Monday

    • Too true – but for the first time in history we have an opportunity given to us by social media to exert a pressure and inform at a level not yet fully measured. This is one of the reasons I do have some hope.

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  1. I could write pages and pages on this subject…Indeed I have. I agree with you the world ( the people on it) need to stop contemplating their navals and wake-up and smell the roses before they are all gone. Xxx


    • I know – I’m trying to put together a piece on the subject but it’s hard to not veer off into out and out ranting and I want it to be a bit more than that. So a little more work on it I think.


  2. I’m interested in the piece you are developing on this topic. It is indeed an important one and, to my way of thinking linked into the capitalist democracy political structure, which in and of itself is moving in a particular direction. Socrates said 2,500 years ago that this is normal behaviour for a political/economic structure like we have. He said it does not come to a good end. However,, as you pointed out, this is the first time in history that social media has been a factor so perhaps the typical end will not be the same. Thanks Jenni!


    • It’s coming along – one of the groups I write for [Viral Protest for the Australian Environment] has asked me to put it together, hence the need to reign in the rant side of things to make it a more thoughtful [though still acerbic] view of how this impacts on current policy and power brokering. For the first time information can truly outweigh the money side of things due to pressure that can be brought to bear. I’ll give you a heads up when it’s ready to go up. Thanks for your support I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Jenni


  3. The Right Wing tried to be little Steven Hawking because he made this comment. He is totally correct. We must think globally not locally…


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