Australia’s Shame – Done in our Name.


You have to wonder when asylum-seekers emerge more broken from their Australian “refuge” than from country of origin – Kenneth Roth, Director, Human Rights Watch

asylum seekers 1

Images of detainees at Manus Island detention center – Picture courtesy of ASRC


There are many more photographs, some of women and children, which I won’t show here, but this is happening under the auspices of Australian Immigration at the behest of our government and it’s happening as we speak.

Sadly the previous government did little better in addressing the manifold issues that arise when determining legislative policy for refugees entering Australia.

This cannot continue, it is a crime both legally and morally and shoving it aside, putting it on an island or towing it off to Indonesia is not addressing the issue in any way.




The link in this sentence will take you to the Minister for Immigration’s web page and there you will find his contact details. I would suggest dropping him an email to express your opinion on the state of Australia’s attitude in regards to Human Rights there is also a link to his page as a Liberal Party MP – SPAM away.  


After all do we really want this image from George Orwell to be our future?  Because we’re getting there and if you think I’m being melodramatic I’m actually pulling my punches here.

In my opinion the advent of our new ‘Border Force’ smacks of a totalitarian disregard for the process and spirit of our laws not to mention having the faint reek of a brand new Federal Security Agency similar to Homeland Security in the USA.





11 thoughts on “Australia’s Shame – Done in our Name.

  1. yes this is our shame.
    It is interesting that someone else commented to me last week they thought Australia was heading down the path of George Orwell’s 1984. Quite frightening.


  2. Indeed – perhaps pictures of women and children who have been starved, beaten, raped, mutilated and tortured might shake some of the rocks out of the politicians heads. As we’ve discussed before, they have never experienced what these refugees have or there would be absolutely no question in their minds what the right course of action is.


    • It seemed ‘rude’ if you can understand what I mean to put pictures of children up – doesn’t make sense when I try to explain it but it’s how I feel.

      There is no question of what is the right thing to do the question is whether or not our government will allow the right thing to be done.


      • I wouldn’t post horrific pictures like that either Jenni, and I do think they should be shown to the politicians. Good Luck with your gov’t.


      • Oh yes – I agree there and the report for Human Rights watch to the federal government did contain them – that’s where I got the image I did use from.

        Thanks for the support. Jenni


  3. I can’t remember where I saw it but Henry Kissinger has built or is building a centre in Australia with the intention of having the headquarters of a global type government there. I remember seeing an aerial photo of it about two years ago. Good post Jenni.


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