Taking a Moment on Monday



I think that this is the perfect quote to start this weeks Thought of the Day as is addresses one of the serious problems we face when dealing with world issues such as asylum seekers, environmental protection and planning for a future so that the next generation will not have to work twice as hard to clean up the mess we have made of this world.

Image courtesy of IFLScience

13 thoughts on “Taking a Moment on Monday

    • I feel that it may be that thinking outside the box might not be enough anymore. We may have to delve in quantum physics style thinking – thinking outside the box that exists on a parallel plain of existence.


      • Yes, I agree, Jenni: the close link between Quantum Physics and Magic is no coincidence, I feel: the ancients knew this instinctively. We, in sneering at instinct and magic and psychic feelings have shot ourselves very effectively in the foot!
        Ironic really, when you think about it…


      • Yes – using science to prove that only what can be quantified is real only to find out that science proves the existence of the unquantifiable – nicely ironic in my humble opinion.


  1. I’m not convinced it is possible for humanity to change its thinking. Individuals, yes; Humanity, no. The wrong thinking we exhibit (i.e. greed, quest for power, etc.) is not “wrong” because it is un-natural, but rather because it is incomplete. Take greed for instance: A desire to always have more. We apply this to the physical world, what if it is meant to be applied to the spiritual world? So one feels a part of all that exists without the need to possess it. Always more = always learning not always physically acquiring. I don’t think we have any hope of ever stopping humans from wanting more – which would be greed in the extrinsic value (value thatcomes from possessing something outside yourself) world. We can understand that we can always desire and need more when it comes to knowledge and understanding and belonging – value in the intrinsic sense.

    See how Einstein is correct but it means personal growth and understanding? – it’s hopeless to try to get society to be built with these values. However, an understanding of these values can change individuals and they in turn can change outcomes without actually changing all of the social structures. Or to paraphrase a Micheal Jackson song: If your want to change the world, first look in the mirror and change the person you see standing there.


    • It’s the circle argument that keeps going around in my head too. How to break through standard reactions and thought patterns to situations.

      Person by person – yes not so hard but as a cohesive unit that’s where we fall apart. We start forming factions around money, religion, ethnicity or the myriad of ways we manage to divide ourselves from each other.


    • Thank you so much for the compliment but I’ve already been nominated three times in the past and I don’t feel it is right to do so again. I truly appreciate you thinking of me however. Jenni


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