Suspicious Behaviour

Thank you everyone who has been re-blogging and sharing my post regarding the abduction of those young women in Nigeria and I hope that more will continue to do so.

Now I’m going to try and get back on track with the Weekend Funny Challenge.  It’s taken me all day to post this as I felt it was somewhat ‘wrong‘ to do so [given the previous post] but I have decided that bringing a smile to someones face and sharing a silly joke from time to time is just as worthwhile as anything else.

I saw this picture on one of my favorite sites, IFLScience, and just for a moment wondered ‘what the hell does that mean’. Then of course it hit me and I started laughing at the cleverness of the joke.

So who gets it – if you don’t see it at first just wait it will come to you.

attempted murder

11 thoughts on “Suspicious Behaviour

  1. Too funny Jenni. It did take me about 5 seconds of looking at the perch and the grass and the birds before it clicked.


    • Cool huh, apparently for it to be a murder of crows there must be 3 or more so 2 is obviously just attempted murder. Made me laugh myself silly when it clicked.


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