Funny – But Not Really

Once again I have to say thank you to IFLScience for this little gem.  It is a very funny and yet sad poke at our modern world, it’s people and our uses of the amazing technological advances that have occurred in the past few decades.

from the 1950s

10 thoughts on “Funny – But Not Really

    • This was utterly brilliant. I hope you don’t mind but I put it up for the weekend funny with a thank you and a link to your site as well as a promo for your Sword of Runes. It was just too perfect to miss especially as it followed the previous one so well. I made it clear that it was from you for the weekend challenge – I don’t like snitching stuff from people without giving them the credit for finding it in the first place. Laughed myself silly.


      • Exactly – I felt really odd going back to my usual weekend humor after the post and the research I did regarding Boko Harum and those poor girls. It seemed disrespectful somehow but I realized that maybe someone out there is having a hard day and a little humor would make them smile. It’s not as ‘serious’ but it is still worthwhile to show that there is love and laughter in this world as well as woe.


    • It is and the little skit next with the Two Ronnies [courtesy of Willowdot21] is hilarious at making fun of our tech age.

      We have all this information at our fingertips and so few people appreciate the true power of that and the freedom it could bring.


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