A Flying Car For Friday

flying plane


As we wind up the week here on this side of the globe I would like to showcase a new form of transportation that is quite possibly the coolest thing I have EVER seen.

I want one, really, really want one but the price tag of $279 000 puts it a tad out my budget. I wonder if ….. hmmm nope only things I can come up with to garner that much cash quickly would have me flying off to jail rather than taking a spin in the AWESOME machine.  It really does give a whole new meaning to the phrase: ‘Damn I late, gotta fly’.

Aircraft company Terrafugia have released a video announcing the vehicle they hope will make flying cars a reality.  They do have some issues to overcome and if you would like to read about that you can at IFLScience, until then enjoy watching the first working model in action.

26 thoughts on “A Flying Car For Friday

  1. Consider: Fifty years from now, not only will this more than likely have been a reality for some time, but there will be enough of them being manufactured by many companies, the cost will be quite a bit less… by the way, I want one too!


    • They really do have that ‘must have’ factor don’t they. Well maybe it won’t take that long ’cause I’m pretty sure they won’t let a 90 year person fly one of those. So I would prefer it to be say 20 years until the price comes down enough, 60 or so shouldn’t be an issue – maybe.


      • Hey, but in five to ten years, there will be a pill or cream that really does erase the years by resetting out genetic code. Ninety could be the new say, thirty-five! Then you get to fly and enjoy like a ninety year-old without all the creeky joints and stuff!


      • Ok in that case it would be fine BUT I’ll be cranky if this pill thing doesn’t pan out. Not really into looking younger but I guess at 44 I haven’t really thought about it much.

        Feeling older due to bills, work etc is annoying when you don’t actually feel like a ‘grown up’ and yet have to deal with the annoying minute of life. But I suppose in a few years or so I might start to look different so I don’t know if I’ll be as sanguine about aging then as I am now.


      • I’ve got a feeling the real secret is to be as childlike as possible, as much as possible! The brain definitely gets it when we do that, and seeing how he’s the ‘conductor’ of the body, I just can’t help thinking aging gets affected by our attitude to life too!


      • Same here and that’s the reason I’ll trot out when someone calls me immature – Ha – I’ll be around longer than the sort of person who worries about things like that.


  2. Cool. It seems that the VTOL (vertical take off and landing) version is some time away yet. I could be wrong, but I seem to recall seeing the plane/car version before. Still, very expensive, requiring a lot of maintenance, pilot’s liscence and airports (plus fees). When they get the VTOL version operational, I’ll be impressed. The military has had VTOL planes for some time now, it’s just getting the technology to work with the car option. Neat post Jenni, Thanks.


    • They have one working model and the basic problem is that to combine a car and a plane you end up with a plane that doesn’t fly to well and a car that doesn’t drive to well but they are pushing forward on developing the tech to merge the two systems or even create a third unique one.


  3. One problem though – who’s going to work out the air rules?
    As for aging – I’m 70 and loving it. Wrinkles and grey hair are a small price to pay for time to do your own thing and ‘this too shall pass’ instead of angst.


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