A Thorny Thought for Thursday

plastic dinarosrs

When I saw this I just KNEW it was the perfect image to use as my thought for the day, especially following my little treatise on Australia as Evolution’s Test Lab.

After all if you managed to survive reading that with your wits in tact this little noggin noodler will be no trouble.

24 thoughts on “A Thorny Thought for Thursday

  1. Jenni, found a new author thought I would share with you. I have never read any of her books and I read 2 books in 3 days from her she has a tri-book series and the books just read so fast and easy…but you will cry a lot I’m waiting for the three book to come out. Surrender to Fate Part 1 by Jacelyn Rye and Shattered by Fate Part 2 by Jacelyn Rye and she has part 3 coming sometime this summer or early fall.

    I agree with you on your blog today. Thank you for sharing. Your friend Red Sox Lady 35 Kat

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  2. Ha! Quite logical. Although oil contains all sorts of biomass as well as dinosaurs – a sort of environmental panoply. So, one could say that the plastic dinosaur contains the whole dinosaur eco-system, including their food, their enemies, their air, their complete environment., all wrapped up in one shiny plastic toy. And you thought plastic toys were garbage. Ha! Everything here (on Earth) is so interlinked we don’t think about it much. For instance (I saw this math done but can’t recall it) each time we breathe, we intake around 3 molecules of air (oxygen, nitrogen or whatever) that were breathed by Napoleon. As another example of our “fuzziness”, only 10% of the living cells in humans contain human DNA – the rest are symbiotes or “visiting”. 90% of “you” is not actually you. Ha! Now do bear in mind that this statistic is a bit misleading because human cells are huge compared to many other cell types (i.e. bacteria), so by total cell weight we are likely 90% human and 10% other. Nonetheless it behooves us to take a much broader definition of ourselves. So much of who we are leads outside us to all the environment on this planet and, indeed, even back in time (i.e. the Napoleon air). From that perspective it becomes apparent that when we screw with our environment the damage is much more far reaching than we can imagine and even extends into our veins and our future. And measuring damage in gross terms (i.e. number of species extinction or average ocean temperatures) is very misleading – one small critical change could cause the whole system to collapse. It reminds me of an old saying: “For want of a bolt the ship was lost.” And therein lies the importance of the environmental awareness work that you do Jenni. It could very well be the salvation of the human race.

    Ha! See? Give me a plastic dinosaur and I will wax philosophically for hours. As I’m sure you can imagine, I am quite capable of amusing myself for hours on end. Ha!

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    • Utterly brilliant not to mention fascinating. It’s quite true that the smallest change can have catastrophic consequences and it is why I have trouble understanding the steadfast denial position that so many people take about the deteriorating state of the planet.


  3. Yes! So true.. We were driving east a few years back and when we got to Utah we started to see “Sinclair” gas stations. There aren’t any in California. The sign has a dinosaur on it.. I would say, let’s get some dinosaur gas… I’m childish I know.


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