Wednesday’s Thought for the Day – Carrying on the With the Weird


If you have a choice between boring and weird what would you choose to enjoy?

I decided to go with the flow of the weird and wonderful for this Wednesday and provide two wonderful little gems about embracing the weirdness within – go on fly that freak flay I DARE YOU!!!


26 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Thought for the Day – Carrying on the With the Weird

  1. It is so tempting to believe that weird=wonderful. It would make my life much easier. Are you sure you’re not a subversive gov’t mole whose job it is to make us all believe that Abbott and his government are in fact wonderful when they are actually too weird (and might even be aliens) to govern? You’re a spin mistress, could it be possible that your munificent skills have been co-opted to evil ends? Gasp! Say it ain’t true! Ha! Funny post Jenni.


    • No weird in my opinion is the odd, often humorous and eccentric whereas this government and others like them are in no way funny. They can be made fun of but that does not make them amusing.


    • Revel in it as I said in a reply to another comment I consider weird to mean the odd, amusing and the eccentric, it is often funny but can rarely be made fun of with any real impact.


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