The Importance of Remaining Positive


positive thougths


Some may find this post on staying positive a little strange considering the tenor of my previous rants against what is happening not just in Australia but around the world.

It is why I decided to devote just a little space today to explaining that although I have a negative attitude toward much of what is happening I do not hold that negativity in my heart and mind.

What I do hold there is the pure belief that it is possible to fight back and save much that is in danger and that is the positivist attitude and faith in the future that I hold to. I also believe that the positive attitude to life brings the most peace to all at the end of the day regardless of what the world puts in our path.



stay positive



There are a number of reasons for holding that belief and faith in the future. One of those, and it is the one I feel most strongly about, is that the choices we make impact not just us but the world in which we live andย the path we travel on through this life.

One of the modern worlds most famous and belovedย instigator, troublemaker and tireless opponent to oppression Mahatma Gandhi gave us a very succinct and simple message of the need for purity of purpose in heart, mind and soul and I’ll finish by saying this to those who struggle with the hard things in this world.

going to be woth it





44 thoughts on “The Importance of Remaining Positive

      • Perfect day to do that, Jenni, it being Beltane and all! Or is it Samhaine in your neck of the woods? I feel I ought to know these things! Anyway, whichever it is, have a blessed and happy one! xxx


      • Samhaine – that whole earth and the axis thing! Time to gather that which keeps us warm, cast out that which causes harm and guard the flame until the earth turns once more. Blessed Be


    • Thank you very much for your kind words – we are all heart to heart in one way or another – what is important is that which harbors in those hearts.


  1. I love this post about positivity! I try to live my life in this way, looking on the bright side and not getting hung up on the negativity of the world. It is difficult to do when family around you is your polar opposite. I am learning to simply be who I am and maybe they will come around. Hopefully lol Great post!


    • Thank you and I’m glad you found something worthwhile in the words. Yes it is hard at times when those close to you don’t view things the same way but it makes for a happier and fuller life I believe.


    • We do – it is important, especially in the face of such tumult as we see today, to remember that the world can offer some wonderful things if we open ourselves up to the possibility of it.


  2. Ha ha, just as I wrote in a comment on your other post about out-of-control emotions, and you write a post about being positive. Great stuff! I glad that you do come to a state of calm on a daily basis. I do too, but the anger can be an aside trick some days. Out of interest, I have taken great comfort reading of the great masters (Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela etc) and learning that they all spent much time contemplating how to handle their anger and then resolved it by channelling their efforts into fighting for fairness. It is a bit like that expression ‘courage is not the absence of fear but mastery over it’ (MLK?). I am beginning to think the same thing about anger.
    By the way, I have seen that quote by Ghandi attributed to several different people. I will look them up and get back to you another day (maybe in a week or two).
    Thanks for the positive message today. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I’m glad you found them useful – it’s important to remember that positive energy is more productive even in negative times of our life. Thanks for your feedback. Jenni


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