Venting – Seems the Safest Option

ventingWas thrilled to find that after a doctor’s appointment some unconscionable disgrace for a human being had side-swiped our car damaging the front panel on the driver’s side.  The only indication of the accident other than the god forsaken crushed panel is yellow striations of paint [look a clue] but no note, no hovering nervous driver eager to exchange insurance information nothing zip, zero, zilch.

My detecting skills have determined that the yellow car was driven by a moron [gender yet to be determined] who lacked appropriate insurance.  I arrived at the moron conclusion – due to the leaving the scene of an accident and have assumed the lack of insurance as the cause as if it were just flight/fight instinct they would have gone to the police already.

I’ve decided to go all CSI meets Elementary and go to the Night Owl tomorrow and look at their security tape for the parking lot. I don’t think I could see the car being clipped but the only place to turn around, indeed the only place they could have been going in the first place past the doctors was in or to the night/owl car park.

You’d be surprised how helpful people can be when informed of the ‘Lack of Note‘ delivered with a suitable  tremble in my voice explaining that it is the very first time this car has ever even been damaged and my poor husband is so upset and blaming himself for where he parked. Lovely people and anxious to help, they even offered to ask the other two shops with camera’s to let me have a look there. So I’m going to take me and my PMA down their tomorrow and track down this ‘person’ who left their mark on my life but not in any way that I am appreciative of.  You see I’m in a mood, my husband is in a mood and that mood does not bode well for the malefactor [don’t worry – I’m only going to sic the police on them if they don’t pay up or offer to pay something]. Oh you don’t know of PMA well here let me enlighten you:



39 thoughts on “Venting – Seems the Safest Option

    • Gonna get all Sherlock – after I live in Mackay NOT a huge place considering and NOT a lot of yellow cars – I will find them Bawhahawaha [steepled fingers casting shadows in the dim light of the comp screen.]

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  1. Oh no. They had to know they clipped your car. That’s bad enough, but to not even leave a note or wait for your return is terrible. I hope you find them and make them pay (one way or another).


    • Uh ha – all about the vengeance or at least the excess if they really can’t afford to pay for the damage in full!!

      Poor little car, she’s even an eco car so she hardly hurts anything emission wise and never another vehicle.


  2. Best of luck to you – hope you nail the feckers!

    Similar thing happened to us… but unfortunately we were out of the country in a rental car! Went to a shopping centre, and came out fo find the mirror knocked off and broken next to the car. We were in complete tatters, as although the car had insurance, we had to pay up to £300 ourself before the rest would be covered by insurance (it would cost less, meaning we would have to cover all costs).

    Luckily some good sameritans had witnessed the incident and taken the licence plate of the other car… we then had to notify the police (again, so we wouldn’t have to pay for the damage) and bring the police report to the rental car office… we left the country a few days after, but never had to pay anything for it, so I believe the buggers who caused the damage was found.


    • Ah good – there is hope. Mackay is not a big town not really and the number of yellow cars isn’t huge so if I luck out at the car park I’ll just put an ad in the local paper for anyone wanting to dob in the doer.


  3. Aha, Madame Sherlock. I wish you the best in catching the dastardly evil-doers. Your poor little car, minding it’s own business and being treated so shabily. Go get ’em Jenni!


  4. That stinks. People stink. I’m sorry that happened. It’s got to be extremely irritating. The lack of responsibility taken by this person, speaks a lot about their character, or lack thereof.


  5. Insurance Companies love to take the premiums but hate to fork out settlement… So over there where you are they have jerks and morons… I thought it was oh here…


      • Your deductible is 500? Yikes…. I thought the jerks of the world live just here. Hopefully a bit of rubbing compound can erase I bit of the yellow paint


    • Yep as my mood has developed this evening I have come to that conclusion also. The 2 glasses or red wine probably helped with that as well. 🙂


  6. I’m sorry that happened to your car. That’s a really shitty thing for someone to do and not even give you the courtesy of a note. Eco cars are not cheap. Good luck on your mission and keep us up to date.


  7. Hopefully, your insurance company will investigate! Same thing happened to me in San Diego, CA. Funny story…driver had no insurance…blamed the hit on me…witness came forward…a fancy street lady with a business card…said she’d back me up if needed! Made me smile…not needed, insurance company took care of everything in the end…Love the way you process your thoughts and write about them.


    • Curious now – why the stretch. I thought

      a) stolen car but the police said none had been reported and abandoned during that time,

      b) freaked out and left – but wouldn’t you then go to the police later, why risk getting caught plus I wouldn’t sleep really well if I’d left someone like that and

      c) the no insurance which seemed to make sense.

      Any suggestions would be really appreciated


      • 1) perp wants to avoid altercation. 2) perp doesn’t understand no-fault insurance laws. 3) perp believes they will have to pay. 4) Perp is in a hurry and doesn’t want to get tied up for 1-2 hours dealing with it. 5) perp is an a**. We can go on and on I’m afraid.


      • Bugger – now I have to think about those options too. Obviously not cut out for the PI game. Hopefully the camera’s at the nightowl will be able to show something or at least enough to catch a plate number.

        Mackay isn’t a big town so phone calls to the major repair places asking to keep an eye out for a damaged yellow car with red paint streaks from where it hit ours might turn up something if other avenues fail.

        It’s not the money it’s the ‘rudeness’ and yes I know that may sound prissy but IT WAS very rude just to damage our car and drive away.


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