Happy Birthday MJ


happy birthday

Happy Birthday MJ

My Sister, small red-haired and fierce


If cross that gimlet stare will pierce

The heart of any sentient being

Will halt, confess and come clean.

Her vibrant smile can cheer a room

Her laugh will rival your favorite tune

A Heart so huge in that small frame

A spirit worthy of Aussie Fame

She loves with all her heart and soul

Harm those she cares for – war will NOT be cold

Her family she holds close and dearmj family

They come first – she makes that clear

Her love is something wild and real

Not a video image on an edited reel

Celtic warrior, wife, mother, friend

My parent’s daughter, my sister to the end.

So Happy Birthday little sis

May this day be one of bliss

And should the time ever come

Where you feel alone and undone

You know you only have to call or shout

I WILL be there NEVER doubt.


24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday MJ

    • Actually in this case I am very lucky to have her as a sister. We were not ‘estranged’ but not close for a number of years and it was MJ and the internet that helped us bridge the gap that my depression had forged over the years.


  1. Happy Birthday MJ! You’re lucky to have such a sister Jenni (and she to have you). I’m an only child and missed out on this.


    • There were there of us but my brother died in 1995. He had downs syndrome but it was silent pneumonia and in my opinion over medication/sedation that took him from us. He lived in a group house with three other men at that point (23 yrs old) and had the ‘Public Trustee’ handling his estate and care once he turned 18. My parents had little or no control over how the medical staff/support workers handled things.

      He had the family temper but with less ability to learn control and rather that find things to occupy him the idea to keep him heavily medicated was the easiest choice for those who had control over such. We didn’t realize how high the levels were until he passed.

      So as a result my sister and I grew closer than we had been in the past.

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      • The issue with your brother being over-medicated has been a problem here as well, It has been linked to reduced funding in health care as it is cheaper for staff and time to over-medicate, then the behaviour issues do not have to be addressed by staff and hence a reduction in cost. It is sad.


      • It is especially once a child is over 18 and the state assumes control of his assets and care – Michael lived in a private house with another 3 men as I said but as he had profound downs syndrome he wasn’t able to work or participate in that way. My parents set up a trust for him but the state controlled it once he became an ‘adult’.


  2. ‘Happy Birthday MJ’, the last few lines are beautiful: ‘And should the time ever come Where you feel alone and undone You know you only have to call or shout I WILL be there NEVER doubt.”
    I have 3 sisters, I know that is how I feel about each one of them. Your poem is lovely!


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