Surly Sunday


not speaking to you

Leave a message and I’ll get back to you … hmpf

I have no thoughts I wish to write

No fist to shake, no enemy to smite

This lack of verve this sad malaise

Is all I have this Sunday

Grumpy won’t let me take his name

You can see from whence his moniker came

So Surly is now my name of choice

Since it’s surliness who has pinched my voice

I’m going to sulk, to pout and to scowl

Sit in the corner and write not a vowel

I’m ending this rant, this little treatise

It’s all till Monday that you’ll get from ME


18 thoughts on “Surly Sunday

  1. A surly as you claim to be, you managed to express your emotions very well. The mark of a true professional (I say) is when they get it done efficiently, effectively and accurately even when they don’t feel like it. II’s easy to be eloquent when you’re feeling your oats, not so much so when you’re down and out. Well done! And the cat is precious.


    • [grumblings as I come out of the corner]

      Thank you – really not feeling that flash today.

      [muttering as I go back – Well mum said I always should be polite even when I don’t feel like it…hmpf childhood training hmpf…mutter mutter]


  2. I love that photograph. I call my old broad, Sebrina, “persnickety” when she gets like that (first thing in the AM and late at night). Love that a “beloved” box is used effectively in a different way 😉


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