A Silly Sally into Saturday


This little ditty was sent to me by an older friend of mine who has just turned 60 as she thought I would like to use it for my Weekend Funny Challenge. So indeed I am because in my opinion the Cat in the Hat has never been so funny.

19 thoughts on “A Silly Sally into Saturday

    • She was just having a ‘moment’, the lady looks like a fit 45 year old but I think it was the number 60. It was if she expected to wake up that day suddenly, look in the mirror and see the lady from Driving Miss Daisy.


    • Life gives us much to laugh about at times – I just hope when I really start to age my humor will get me through it – either that or I can take the route my husband plans. He wants to be one of those old men who complain about everything, says ‘when I was a boy ….. ‘ and grumps around about these young people today ‘ no respect!!’. Strange man that he is – he’s actually looking forward to it. [gotta love a man that silly]


      • Oh I know it. I can’t tell if I’m starting to age although I will be 50 this year, I never stop, I’ll be like my Pa still going till I’m just not anymore! πŸ™‚ I love how people talk about how they will be when they are old! It’s so funny! There is a lot of humor in growing older. I haven’t experienced anything to laugh about yet since I’m a comic act in the wait! πŸ™‚


  1. If I could come up with a Green Eggs and Ham lyric I would.. I do so like prunes and ham.. Thank you thank you Sam what was your name again?


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