Laughing – A New Political Tactic – Oh My!!!

The Speaker - We Are Not Amused (is she ever)

The Speaker – We Are Not Amused (is she ever)


Well there really isn’t a great I need to say to explain the following clip of the Labor MP, Julie Collins,being warned against the possibility of laughing and then being asked to leave the chamber when said laughter ensued [personally I think I would have been hard put not to laugh at that point].  The Speaker has then accused the opposition of using laughter as a weapon and warns that she believes it may be disruptive [heaven forbid].

The Serious Side of the Whoopee Cushion

The Serious Side of the Whoopee Cushion

Perhaps if the Abbott government didn’t provide so much material then it would not be so easy but in all honesty at times it’s as necessary as the whoopee cushion [come on Abbott is on the level of fart humor after all even it is ‘conservative fart humor] but in this particular case I think it is just a little bit of an over reaction on behalf the Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop.  Most likely this is because she wouldn’t recognize humor in any of its forms and despite the fact that the Speaker is supposed to act in a bipartisan manner she is so one-sided I wonder at her ability to walk without lurching to the right with every step.


12 thoughts on “Laughing – A New Political Tactic – Oh My!!!

    • It’s just so silly – she was warned not to laugh and I don’t know about you but if someone looks at me and demands that I don’t laugh even if I wasn’t going to something bubbles up inside and I just start giggling. They’re actually calling it gigglegate here at the moment.

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  1. That is hilarious! I’m happy to see that Australian politics is up to our low standards here in Canada. I can’t believe the speaker didn’t even crack a smile , although, for one moment there I thought she was going to – it passed.

    For some reason, Australian politicians are some times quoted for their gems in legislature, even here. I recall one quip attributed to your legislators : “Politicians are like bananas, they start out green and straight and end up yellow and crooked.” Ha! I use that one quite regularly.

    Thanks for the update Jenni – it gave me my morning laugh.

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    • I’ll have to remember the banana one as Qld is often called the Banana State due to a ‘few’ little issues regarding corruption about 20 yrs ago and the fact that it is one of our largest crops up north.


  2. Jeez: what a well bitch, as we say over here! She looks like a Valkyrie on steroids and is clearly to the right of Ghenghis Khan in her attitude! Repulsive! xxx


    • There has been much speculation that George Bush’s and Margaret Thatcher’s DNA were combined to create Bronwyn Bishop and that she was actually created in a lab somewhere. It sounds far fetched but after watching that I do begin to wonder. 😉


  3. I hadn’t a clue that bananas are a crop north of you! I didn’t get the reference about Queensland being a banana state because of scandal… So your area is jungle? I swear I always envisioned Australia as desert… Wow


    • Honest the woman just scares me silly, it’s like someone combined the DNA of Margaret Thatcher and George Bush and created her in a lab somewhere.


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